Friday, April 17, 2009

Fat Malaysians.

I was observing. First things first.

People walk in and out Singapore like Ants.
Ants just reminded me how Johann Liebert toyed with a line of Ants.

Wait. How come the buses in Singapore starts off/accelerates so jerkily?
Like excessive power, or rather the bus driver stepped on too hard on the accelerator (all buses the same anyway), or maybe, the engine is a powerful one- but it simply jerks too hard during acceleration- Exactly like a Vios.
They use auto bus engines, not driven manually. They don't have proper first gear, second gear etc.
Bad engine architecture.

And I realized manual cars- especially Kancil, is the easiest to drive and to start off with. Although more to learn, but it doesn't jerk forward. Smooth transition from the first gear to the second one and so on.

Oh, actually it does, only if you're terrible on the clutch. Or simply didn't get into the correct gear at the correct speed.. Simply means a bad driver la.

I think I have forgotten how to drive.

Heck MRT fare really cost a bomb. =(
(And it isn't even my favorite conventional sight-seeing train!)

$12.65 of my flag day collection at Punggol is definitely not worth my travel fees. BOO

Did I just said I collected $12.65? ahahahaha. Slackest flag day ever. I felt guilty afterwards actuallyXD But what to do? Punggol is deserted. Low population. LoL. And, well, because these people have no one else to compete with, or no seniors patrolling town etc. unlike bloody St John days when we would do 12 hours a day for 2 weeks inhaling fumes and collecting international currency from the customs and immigrations. I wonder how will it go this year since everyone is using touch-n-go's? =P

I remember last year's/also my last year in sec school's flag day- very vividly.

The Incredible Drama.

Principal might just utter this: No flag day for you girls. X(

Also, I remember two years ago, when our St John president proudly walked up the stage shaking hands with the past-principal Puan Mary, receiving the tallest trophy ever.
(And Yi Th'ng wanted her 'Moment of Glory' like that tooXD. But what to do. What to do. Too much drama.)

But I'm slowly getting back, getting less lazier, getting into a better mood, waking up before 7am everyday, walking 20 times more than usual, you get it- I officially ended my post-SPM-Rotting-at-Home-days.


I don't like Mr. Wrecks.
He's scary.

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