Saturday, April 11, 2009

How To: Get a MacBook fan running again + Walk back from Singapore on Fridays/Public Holidays.

Get a MacBook fan running again
If you had iStat menus on your MacBook already, you'll notice how fast the fan goes as well as the temperature of the CPU; and whether it matches.

If it's 80 degree celcius and fan is going at 0rpm, you can either:
1. Flip the MacBook upside down and crack an egg over the upper left hand corner;

2. Flip the MacBook upside down and put your Milo/Nescafe for the Keep Warm function while you're away;


3. Put it under your blanket during cold nights;


4. Let it shut down by itself. It's clever; it knows that its overheating so the best way is to shut down without prior notice to avoid further colossal damage to the machine. Plastics might just melt away and serve as an inductor;


5. In an open notebook manner, lift the right base with your right hand, (with a gloved left hand) hit the upper left hand corner of the machine repeatedly- like giving a good Thai massage. You'll get the fan running in no time- and you can continue FBing/YouTubing/Skyping on the computer. No hassle. You won't even need to call AppleCare hotline or bring it to an Apple Genius and pay them unnecessary fees. I tell you- they probably will do the same thing. Aiks. I should have patented that now ubiquitous method. Everyone's using it. =(

Walk back from Singapore on Fridays/Public Holidays
1. Walk out of the Singapore immigration, down the escalator and find the whole place jammed pack with humans like yourself, waiting for a pathetic bus that comes one in every half and hour due to the massive traffic jam in the windy F1 tracks ahead.

2. Walk till the end of the line and find yourself at the entrance of the door down to the pedestrian way.

3. Open the door, walk down the stairs. Don't worry if it reminds you of a spiral stairs feature of a lighthouse nightmare- because it simply isn't a lighthouse.

4. Walk through the walkway, into the open air space. Don't worry about the cars, because there's a pedestrian pavement for you to walk on.

5. Look to your left and enjoy the sea breeze. Look to your right and inhale some fumes and laugh and make monkey faces at the people caught in the massive traffic jam- especially those in the 170/160/Causeway link Sardin-packed buses. Literally Sardined. Jammed. Not moving an inch.

6. Walk at full speed if your legs can carry you.

7. Follow the vehicles path and walk along side them; be careful now, there's no more pavement for the pedestrian when it reaches the narrow two-laned F1 tracks. You have to be extremely careful now not to get in the way of the bigger moving objects although you're currently sharing the same F1 tracks with them.

8. If you have a plier with you, just cut a hole through the green flimsy fence and take a taxi and go back home. Saves time and reduces chances of getting hit by a motor vehicle. If you don't have one, you can climb over the fence.

9. Alternatively, if you're not tall enough or didn't happen to carry a plier along, just walk further up and down, up and down, winding up then down again- be very very very careful now, as it gets pretty crammed here, its a bottleneck thing, don't wanna get squashed by a motor vehicle.

10. Make a dash to the pedestrian bus drop off point, take the stairs if possible because its much faster than the overloaded escalator and run into the building's far left scanner machine. All are equally slow actually, but far left is the nearest to the exit afterwards. If the machine barrier opens up with an 'X', just exit. It doesn't really matter actually.

11. Make your way through the imposing new CIQ in 20 minutes, full speed.

12. Wear a good pair of Nike's if you don't want to find blisters afterward and bring an umbrella if you hate sunny days on black tar/raining/storm etc. Because I'd rather walk than wait- I'm sure it applies to majority.

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