Wednesday, April 08, 2009


After hours of unwrapping/peeling/tearing apart 30 cling-wrapped chairs for the awesome new church hall- 1 chair = approx. 12 minutes, do the math; plus a few bruises and blisters on my sored hands (no piano/violin for awhile I guess =/), dusty clothes and quite hungry~

Some soothing music always does the trick.
How should I describe this piece of music..
Magical? Enchanting? Haunting? Bewitching? Fantasizing? Gratifying?

This moment, Addicting.

I must visit Czech Republic one day. On a train- to Prague.
The haunting enchantment of the history-filled city, classical architecture, culture and then the people.
Dvorak is one mysterious fella. Or rather- A Master.

Seems like I want to visit most of the non-english speaking countries in Europe.
Wait till Fann has the money to commission me to build a chateau in Nice, then I can get a nice month off to tour Europe. My dad had notions about bringing me along on a backpacking holiday in Europe where we would visit places by day and travel by night train. Trains! =D
But of course, I wonder who here can beat my dad's record of touring Europe at the tender age of 19 with his earned salary. =.= who. I wished I could.

yay. I'm utilizing this moment to seize lazing time. Ciao.

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min said...

Haha..well..most of the european countries ppl dun speak english:)

I went to prague this winter..nice place to visit!