Monday, April 06, 2009

Character Died Again.

Ungodly hours for-
Muveee :D


I know. Everything I watch, the others might have already watched it a year or two ago.
Why, well certain good movies comes my way they want to, as I prefer.

Hmm. I'm not sure how to rate this Love Story.

All I thought that was the couple looked real cute together, and Japanese don't have a reading culture- least reading hard-copies, but this, originated from the Cellphone Novel, in which the culture at the same time originated from Japan itself. How contradicting.

Well, the Girl, I thought, was naive in heeding the unknown stranger on the phone.
The Boy, was simply just being a boy! hahahahaha Okay wait.
I adore how he always seem to appear in front of her. It was the other way round- instead of following/stalking, he appears in front.

In good seasons, good things tends to appear in front.

Hahaha cut the crap, what kept me going on was probably the silver headed guy. Pretty interesting character for that silver hair shade.
A strong facade but a gentle inside. heh.

Reminds me of A Walk to Remember, except that the girl in it was pretty much cleverer than this one.

In the end, tragic, and then she reminisces on a train.
Trains. Always lock in a feeling of melancholy and yet the moment is enchanting, somehow.

I must get on Trans-Siberian Express one day.

And I'm wondering whether I'll still have the time and energy for this morbid hobby of watching movies late into the night.
After having to wander around losing orientation in the huge campus last Friday- knowing I'll get lost without a map. That's why I had to be thankful Qing Ling was having a map in hand, and a soul with jelly legs following her around aimlessly~

I need a Segway like Paul Blart's. Or maybe Heely's or a cheap skateboard.

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