Thursday, May 07, 2009

Frantically, Stranded.

0650 - QL's (Qing Ling - room mate) alarm clock goes off. She snoozed it.

0652 - I sneezed thrice.

0700 - QL's alarm went off the second time. S

0703 - I coughed.

0704 - Blew my nose.

0707 - QL gets out from bed and get prepared for her class at 0830. I blew my nose thrice.

0720 - QL comes into the room after her shower. She scuffles around for awhile. I cannot get back to sleep. I blew my nose and sneezed.

0745 - QL leaves the room and house. I still can't get back to sleep. Suppose to have another 2 hours of sleep danggg. Sneezed and couple more times.

0810 - I think I got back to sleep. A pretty nice one.

0900 - My cellphone alarm goes off. Stretch. Get up. Grabbed my stuff to the bathroom.

0915 - Back. Sit around in the room. Pushed some things around. Put on the lanyard with a student card and ezlink inside. Felt hungry - went out the room to get a a biscuit and chocolate milk.

Heard the door closed behind me.

0920 - Biscuit and a cup in hand, opened the room door.


0921 - Lock. LOCK?

0922 - Are you sure its lock. Plays with the doorknob a couple more times.

0923 - No luck. Serious deep shit.

0924 - Puts down cup and biscuit in the living room. Sees a hairpin nearby. Panic. Puts the hairpin in the keyhole. Try unpicking the door. No luck.

0925 - Uses body weight to slam the door. No luck. Tried the pin again. No luck.

0926 - Pin got stuck in the keyhole. Paced to the kitchen for a rag. Uses rag to pull hairpin out from the keyhole. Tries to pick the lock again. No luck. Slam the door hard twice.

0927 - Went to landlady's room and knock and knock and knock calling her a few times (knowing she's not in)

Cannot remember her number. Cannot remember QL's number. Cellphone in the room dammit. Remember mum's number. Remember JB house's number.

0929 - Tried calling JB and mum using landlady's house phone. No luck. No luck again. Felt like crapping.

0930 - Grabbed the keys for the main door. Decides to ask neighbour for landlady's number.

Neighbour don't have. Neighbour don't have?!

0932 - Stands outside the room door. Should I just go to school? I'm dressed, I have my lanyard, and I have keys to the main door. Felt like crapping again. Ran to the toilet.

0933 - Sat on the lavatory. Bowels are working good. Why are they? Too much adrenaline because I'm locked outside my room? Yesterday I drank Vitagen. QL drank Yakult.

Yakult. Yakult auntie's number is on the refrigerator. I can call her. Landlady order's Yakult from her.

0935 - Looks at watch. Crap. Bus takes 45 minutes if there's a jam.

0936 - Runs around finding for a pen and paper. Found a highlighter. Found a notebook. Tore a blank page out. Copies the number on the fridge.

0937 - Calls Yakult auntie. Tries to explain current situation. Tries to sound calm. Tries to be diplomatic. Tries to be polite and friendly. She slowly scrolls her phone for landlady's number. Slowly. Slowly. She's got it. Yatta. Wrote landlady's number down.

0940 - Puts down receiver and up again. Calls landlady. Landlady says: Oh dear. (Oh dear? Can I get out of this situation??)

Landlady: Go to the 4-tier cupboard opposite the TV and look for the spare keys in the first shelf.

Thank God.

Opens room door.

Found out door lock is into the 'permanent lock' mode. =.=

Grabbed my stuff. Dumps unfinished biscuit into the fridge. Puts on socks and shoes. Locked the main door and went down the block.

Walked to the bus station. Sees 105 from afar. Runs like an idiot with a tennis racket in hand. Bus closes the door. I appear at the door. He opens up the door again to let me in (yes I love the bus drivers there. Service is way better than__) Taps ezlink card. Sat down.

1015 - Reaches school bus stop. Walked to the farthest block (like everyday =/)

1030 - Precisely on time. Tadaaa. Ingenious.

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