Saturday, May 09, 2009

Fab Check List of the week:

1. Walk out from the claustrophobic HDB's, take a sardined trained to Dover station, walk to the farthest, isolated building on campus.

2. Complete 3 models, 4 documentations.

3. Tell Syazni to clean my desk.

4. Go to CCA showcase and collect as many free files as possible, balance it on a tennis racket and sign up for 7 CCA's.XD

5. Have Pizza Hut with high school buddies when down with a flu.

(Photo courtesy of Sharlene.)

6. Listen to Kim/Jin sung blabber out his awesome ONOW answers to the whole class. Ridiculously useless module like Pendidikan Moral, really.

7. Push the power button on the MacBook to finish Photoshop assignment. Stare at the MacBook screen as the file with a question mark flashes across the lovely blue screen. Understand that your Hard Disk Drive had just crashed.

Have Steve Jobs die in your hands.

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