Sunday, May 17, 2009


At this point of my life, there's a lot going on, fast-forwarded, but no rewinding.
Means no more chance having sheltered, taken care of 24/7.

Which is also ominous at some point of time, having being locked out of the room for almost an hour, rushing to school on crowded public transport every morning, fast-pacing for 15 minutes to the train station and to the isolated building, encountering a bee chasing me in the HDB flat itself when I was already late, carrying multiple items and bags - while walking at the same time, observing skateboarding in an architecture studio and watching students sleeping in front of the lecturer.

Not to mention living in a HDB box (almost like a Tokyo capsule hotel), a claustrophobic room, with another homo sapien. Something which I haven't been doing since a month old.

What, a quantum leap.

And then I look forward returning to the quaint little tudor terrace of mine, except without Russ around anymore - every Friday evening with earphones in my ear. Noticing that a cashier from F.O.S couldn't understand my simple english, numbers only, followed by a notorious bus driver snatching bus fare from my hand.

And then I fell flat and slept for 12 hours straight, piano, ate Calbee potato chips with CocaCola - actually made me realized that for all these years, I have been surrounded by academically inclined friends.

We'll have Yi Th'ng and Fatin accepting the prestigious JPA scholarship. The 2 people who sandwiched me last year in class, till the last day of school.

Ah I feel honoured a little. Will continue persevering - squeeze my right brain a litle more.

"I wanted to get out of it so eagerly, yet I miss the past so badly; but it'll be a matter of time they grow up and mature, and myself getting used of the surrounding. Let's all move to New Zealand."

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