Friday, June 05, 2009

Stories from Singapore.

To go, or not to go: That is a question.

That line was running through my mind at Mach 25 while my head was spinning in the bus on the way home, one and a half hours ago.

And yet I spin myself on the studio chair, trying to rid off the initial exhaustion.
Nothing really happened, I just got dizzier.

Because Astro meet is at 7pm today, and if I had gone back to school after placing my bulky stuff and change my attire in my room, now I would have been in a debate whether the Big Bang really happened and setting up telescopes - Star Gazing.

And then Again, I'll be back home after 10.30pm, dead tired, walking into the house scaring my room mate when she accuses me of being a zombie night after night, chores yet to be done, but that was how it was like for the past 5 days.

So I stayed in the room. Fell face flat on the bed. Cried under my blanket for unknown reasons. Drifted off the dreamland - under Lenny my landlady knocked my room door offering me a sliced of chocolate strawberry cake.

My name was the last in the entire cohort's register, obviously in the last group for this Primer- and while waiting for our turn I was reconnoitering the situation, still, too tired to respond to Michael Chan's ego stabbing criticisms due to his lack of sleep or simply having a bad hairbald day, nor lines like:

"The Last call the guy's making before he proceeds to the Electric Chair; and there comes the undertaker"

"Is it for a dog to go in and fetch his bone at the top of the tree bark?"

"Looks like the bird nest that has fallen off the tree"

"Attack of the Termites"

"Anybody have an inhaler here"

"The lorry driver sees the occupants taking a family portrait. And then he says, Smile!"

"Its just a well design mobile toilet"

Never ending insults.
Like when everyone is about to have their term test, today we had a presentation and critique session since its 100% coursework.
So it Finally came, after 4 weeks of trial and error, "Can this be like this, tweak it over here,", "Why is this panel over here, so out of context?", "What's the use of this?", "Why?".

Plus it being a group project, give and take was always important. Like how I managed Yi Th'ng, Fann's and Kelly's hardheadedness altogether. XD
The plethora of character and personalities makes it really hard to make progress actually, having Mr Chieu and Sherry finally unanimous in their opinions that this group (we) had gone through some tough times throughout the process and was glad we managed to come up with something feasible.

And then The End.
Woohoos around, it was term break.
I made my journey to the train station with Sharina, one of my group members, and then sharing our adventure camp experiences, until my bus came.

I realized I'd missed out yet another chance to attend Royal Rangers' National Camporama that is held every 4 years.
In year 2000 - I was 9, and 10 was the minimum age eligible to attend the Campo.

In year 2004 - I was 13, and I was all ready and set to go for this one - until my cousin Yee Yee decided to get married the very same week Campo was held. Fine.

In year 2008 - I was 17, and I waited long enough for a Campo experience. They said Campo's not on this year. O.O

In year 2009 - I'm out from Secondary school, currently studying in Singapore. Last Wednesday I met Wong family to get my stuff that my mum wanted to pass to me through them, and they were on their way to watch the Leonardo Da Vinci Exhibit in the Science centre. They invited me to follow, it was a Wednesday, and I supposedly didn't have class- but had to return to school to complete the project. Fine, so there goes another chance. Bye bye Leonardo. I'll make sure I study your life and works one day.

Naomi asks me whether I have Rangers uniform.

Yes, I still have it in my closet.


"I'm going for Camporama."



"Next week."


So There goes another Camporama. I'm really getting old already you know.
Thus I'm letting go of my dream of attending Camporama as a camper. T.T

Then I'll hear Amanda asking me again, "Where's Kelantan?" "I want Domino Pizzaa."

Kim goes crazy every time I tell him Domino Pizza, Lasagna, BREADSTIK
And then he proceeds to the Studio Door, spins it at 100mph, "Lets go for Lunch!"
Lunch leader says lets go, we go for lunch.
*Amanda stands by the door, waiting for it to stop spinning and then halts it and scolds Kim*
"Poor door don't spin it like this or else they'll replace it with an ugly door.."

I think the whole class has been loving W5A21C. And the door gets particular attention.
But by the next term we'll be shifting to another Studio once they renovate the place =/
I wonder how often I can steal Kim's Subway cookies?

Tennis and Strings camp was two weeks back, and I managed to return home in JB last Friday. As usual, practiced my piano pieces and then slept for long hours. Sunday I woke up for church, and after lunch I went to Singapore, earlier, because we needed to get materials from Art Friend. Bras Basah complex is a Must-Go. Many shops there sell imported picture books from Taiwan and Japan, plus cheap comics and second hand books. Heaven for those who appreciate all these unique, imported stuff rather than mainstream items like Crumpler for rich bastards Only- hehehe~

So it was the trio Mike, AhDada and I who went to town to get the materials, which afterward Amanda and I who accompanied Mike to go Shopping, can you believe it.
We got Ice-cream and returned home.

Monday, I went to school as usual, early, the walk to my school is always so quiet in the morning- often makes me wonder where the population of fourteen thousand disappeared to.

And then Mel reminded me of the Dinner date on that Monday night itself.
Ate at FC3, treated Mel the famous mango milkshake Kim often goes crazy about, and then brought them JC peeps for a night walk around the school, browse the video collection room, sat around in the library lounge (my first time there, too), catch up a bit on each others life, and when home.


Tuesday, 2 days prior to submission, I headed to Strings Clubroom after school, played the violin with people with the same interest =) , and then had a lesson with Mr Yang, an SSO member who teaches and conducts the SPSE. =) =)

Went home straight, late.

Wednesday, 1 day prior to submission, I woke up early, played Winterbell repeatedly while waiting for the Wong Family to reach Jurong East, got my things and left to Dover on a train, walked to my school on the far side of the campus and met up with my group mates. Firdaus went out to get hot glue stick and didn't came back until 3. Michael left for French class, I left for Tennis at 3. Model- not done.

After tennis, I rushed home to get my file which I didn't realized - contain the translucent sheet and perspex we needed for the model. Took a bus home, got my stuff, took a bus back, made my way back to the studio, group mates were working on the model, and were about to move to FC5 to continue the work because studio was closing. It was evening, it was late.

As Firdaus slowly completes the model with his acclaimed workmanship during crit, we moved around, taking measurements as he builds it, and drawing section, elevation and plans. Grab a double chocolate chip subway cookie for dinner and continued with the momentum. Crowded as it already was, now there were extra spectators around the table. Model was finally done at 9.15pm. Took the measurements to complete scale drawings and then headed home.

Late. Wednesday, laundry day.

Thursday woke up extra early, headed to school to complete the undone documentation, scanned A3 drawings, photoshopped it, insert them into the PowerPoint, burnt the unto the CD-ROM, double check, 11.45am, last call, we submitted.

In the afternoon we were more relieved, slacked on the lounge chair, Miss Priscilla Tan our oral comm. lecturer came by to inform us our individual presentation outline had to be handed in the next day, Friday, before 10am.

Now finding a random topic to present on is rather tough. You might want to present something you are passionate about, yet worry whether the audience (classmates) would find it interesting. Monkeys as they already are, talking about the life and works of Beethoven wouldn't be too appropriate. My mind was too tired to think about a major presentation topic like that. One Thursday after the term break, we would have to write a thousand-word speech on the topic we had chosen today, and at the end of the semester, present it, and we would be graded. I'll think of it tonight. Mind's blank at the moment for this kind of stuff.


Tennis first.

Before that, FC5, Subway cookie first. I knew I had no time for dinner.

And then I realized I've been living with cookies almost the whole week. Ran out of bread so I had to open the emergency Oreo. Went to school still hungry, stole kim's Subway Macadamia cookie.

Sugary. Sweet.

Ate a quarter and then Joshua reached the court. Too absent minded that Thursday morning, I had left my racquet at home and had to borrow Joshua's. Volley, serve, rallied with beginners that were almost impossible to play with, I still had a fun time =)

At the corner of my eye, Mr Chieu and Sherry passed by the tennis courts. Kabin saw. We smiled. We continued volleying.

7pm came, I grabbed my bag and my unfinished cookie and made my way to T14.
Strings Ensemble, more of a String Orchestra actually, something I've been anticipating. I sat on the left side of my partner Chun Hui, Violin 2, and then figured out the Titanic score. Mr Yang came, tuned, raised the baton and went through one round of the score.
Figuring out the accompaniment wasn't as easy as I thought. The only 'ensemble' I've been in before is Convent school's choir, conducted by biology teacher Doreen Chan once in a while or the president of the club. Imagine SE president Chee Ming (who looks so much like Cadet Leader Yong- guy version) conducting. Horrendous. LOL. Apparently they don't choose a skilled member to be president, but I guess one to handle club matters and not the musical aspect of it.

In the choir I was an Alto, which was something like the voice of a viola.
Which was purely made for accompaniment, and it wasn't as easy actually, to not sing what you normally hear and take note of.

Anyway, I got used to the odd rhythm somehow after 2 rounds, and the feeling was exhilirating- especially the ending. This is the Joy and Wonder of playing music together! Spread the Love! <3

Entering the room late at night like a zombie, night after night, it was the last day I had to budge in the room before the term break while my roomy was Skype-ing.

I flipped opened my laptop, staring blank, thinking of what topic I should choose for Oral Comm. Thought I'll lie down awhile and maybe I'll acquire some inspiration... and then woke up at 7.30am on Friday morning, as usual, traveling takes an incredible amount of time these days unlike the days I could wake up at 7am when class started at 7.20am. Mum was my F1 driver, I needn't walk at all except up the small hill up Convent. I turned around facing my laptop, open my blog and then scroll down the list. Orient Express caught my eye that morning, and I googled 'train'. Thus trains, is going to be my topic to research on. Wonder how one random topic will work out? =/

It was 7am, and I had scarce time to get ready: washed up, poured milk into my mouth out from the box, grabbed a packet of crackers and went out. Flats didn't feel as comfortable as my sandles/sports shoes which I have been wearing frequently these days. Comfortable and practical for one who does much walking everyday =.= Reached school, discussed our slides with one member M.I.A. (Missing In Action), lunch at Broadway with lunch leader and company, and then got ready for Crit. Ahh. Crits. Thanks God for 05/06 lecturers like Sherry and Mr Chieu. Miss Jun is okay The other two had serious attitude problems, one in a bad hairbald day, another with too many cold jokes that meant insult. Pfft.

Enough of crit experiences. Similar to Simon Cowell shooting arrows into your little pride on stage. Period.

Tomorrow's SPCA flag day for ONOW module.
Sunday I'll worship lead and have fun with the kids. They really love me more nowadaysXD

Some piano freedom.. and
then... holiday with my mum and dad. YAY



For your personal amusement: Photos from my cellphone.

Green man on our first mock up.

Mr Chieu commenting on our variety of informal handwritingsXD

Jia Tong stealing time to sleep in the low cupboard.
Yi Han waiting for the canister filled with cold water to get shot down.
A familiar scene. Canteen. Skit.

Joshua-made thickened milo and chocolate chips.
Yi Han singing to Nobody Nobody But You. Must be. He could dance through the whole songXD
Chuck Taylor variations. Far right is Lolita version~
SPSE President: 'Hei Ren Lao Ban' in bright green. Nice.
AhDada's Octopuus.
The other Boulevard I walk everyday other than Jalan Sentul.
Grace feels like eating again. Singapore doesn't have a Domino Pizza outlet. I suggest you call in.
AhDada wants Domino.
Kim spreading the love of Meiji Strawberry yoghurt.
Kaoru steals my strawberry yoghurt X(
Look-a-like! Twins! I had problems identifying them in the beginning. Miss Priscilla Tan too.
There. Derek + Aaron = Hikaru + Kaoru
Hikaru obviously the naughty one. Kaoru the more rational one. Heh. Grace doing an interview

Term Break! *drum rolls* taadaa~

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