Sunday, May 31, 2009



Why am I ranting about time, again, and again, and again?

Undeniably, it passes fast. I feel the toll; I feel old.

And then I wonder how would my dad feel, after living more than half a century in flesh and blood?

Maybe tomorrow someone might just get hit by a truck or fall down the fourth floor?

Where, would you end up next?

Dan Brown's book are thrilling enough, worthy of public controversy. Clever guy, provoking thoughts of the people. I've been on the train reading one of his titles lately, kills travelling time effectively.

But hey, why is there time for me to kill?

Seems like only last week I was back in Convent after the long electric wait for SPM results, the short triumph over my A's, and then poof I'm about to take my term break.
(By the way, I haven't sent congrats over to my 3, 4, 5 for their straight A's as well, right. CNA07 Rules yo.)

I've been in Singapore Polytechnic for the seventh week.
Worked on models, sticks, corrugated card boards, white glue, strong glue, cutters, butter papers, protractors, compasses, metal and scale rules etc; history and theories, design concepts, ergonomics and anthropometry, environmental sciences, Computer-aided design and presentation, materials and technology, Critiques.

Counter Strike gaming lab behind my row of workstations.

Studio door swinging 360 degrees at 100mph.

Guitar playing and bad singing during lunch hour.

Swearing and cursing non-stop during gaming hour.


So I ran to sign up for outside class activities, hoping to meet more people with similar interests.
Tennis club, Strings, Ensemble, Piano Ensemble, Christian Fellowship, Japanese Cultural Club, Astromomy.
Mighty me. See how my entire day/week is spent in school?
I'm searching for a place similar to Convent's sickbay- or maybe nicerXD Somewhere air-conditioned with a piano and some friends. Heehee. At least I don't go partying in Zouk. My soul doesn't belong there.

Tennis and Strings freshman orientation camp ended precisely one week ago.
Both with supposedly creepy nightwalks where I wished Yi Th'ng would be there to face her deadliest adversary- spirits in her imagination. X)
In Tennis camp I experienced the same thing 5 years back where we would sit on the canteen benches, and students would perform out a skit in a group with the canteen stalls as a backdrop.
Familiar scene, only that it was SP's foodcourt 6; and that I needn't squeeze in the crowd nor buy something cute nor fold a 1000 stars in a curved glass bottle to get my senior's signature; Joshua made Milo of us on Sunday morning, Pei Ying (girl's school team captain) bought us unlimited snacks for consumption. My group leaders and comrades were awesome, probably the only enthusiastic group I've been assigned too since the starting of my term.

Upcoming week would be the last week of the term.
Busy one. Submission and Crit week. Fast eh?
Too fast to comprehend, my time flies Mach 15.

3 weeks holiday, and I would be making full use of it to spent time with my little family.
Absence makes the heart grow fonder I guess?

Then the cycle repeats, back for Primer 2, ONOW projects and the dreaded oral communication presentations, and Julia hopes she doesn't gets up bus 185 instead of 105 at night again.

And also, the need to carry 4 mercury-filled carriers all the way from Jurong East room 15 minutes to mrt to faraway school to mrt to kranji to bus to customs to bus to CIQ to dirty JB bus to 5 minute walk home.

The walk Home is fulfilling. My boulevard, my tudor terrace house, my home with an extra bird nest under the leaves of my mother's potted plants-


Where's your final destination?

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