Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Bach on the Black Book.

Somehow, Bach's disproportionate figure caricature of Symphony 92.4's car decal ended up on my black book.

Not like that like Bach very much, but after being the last one to find my black book with zero personalisation, I decided to draw something that was right in front of me at that point of time - the car decal on my clear box file. Ahah.

Back in JB for only this week since CCA's haven't officially started - which means I'm still pretty much free from other activities except course project which often gets on my nerves. Is it so hard to work with unenthusiastic people? Hmm. Yes. Hmm. Actually no, if you have enough power- but I don't.

I don't get it.

After 5 hours of reading up on Singapore's water problem and finishing up my group's Environmental Science write-up, I shall enjoy home-cook dinner.

Have a nice Wednesday.

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