Sunday, July 19, 2009

Far from Terror.

So I retired to bed for the night.

Another dream, it was good- but I consciously I knew that it'll be soon time for me to wake up for church before I could round the story up. The good part had yet to begin.

Somehow, I appeared in Switchfoot's tour bus, at night. Yet in another imaginary town, but it was a town where I resided then.

They were playing cards in the corner which was lit up.
I said Hello.
Jerome replied.

Morning came and the bus reached its destination.
A flea market it seems, and I was bringing Jerome around like a tour guide.

Someone informs me the venue of the concert, it was a hotel suite.
There was a little stage, and space for audiences- like an acoustic performance only for friends and family of the quiet town.

The amount present was comfortable for the space, and I there was an opening acts by two bands. In a hotel suite? I wonder why!

Just when SF was about to appear, the alarm rang.

And I know where every single detail of the dream originated from- it was bits and pieces of what I thought during the day. The Human mind is a fascinating one :)

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