Sunday, July 19, 2009

Scream. Then Run.

I had Twisties Lurve Multigrain Chips at 6pm, then I went for a nap. Waiting for dinner perhaps.

8.30pm my mum comes into my room.

I was consciously dreaming.

Dreaming that various strangers chasing me around an imaginary town.

Walking alone, passing by a stranger, he mumbles a question me in a gruff manner, I walked faster, then I ran, he follows me with flailing arms wanting me to stop, I increased my pace, he caught up, until the 'Zone' was cleared, he continued scolding me in loud tones as I took a peep over my shoulder.

Then came another, a different setting, somewhere in the imaginary town built in my head over an hour.

I know the causes of the Dream, but the purpose not too clear.

I walk Alone.

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