Sunday, July 12, 2009

Poof! There goes my week.

When I'm busy, time sneaks pass me, leaving me oblivious to the passage of time.

And when I say that I'm busy, it should occur to you that my business does not involve any shopping or sleepovers.

I hope I'm taking Primer 2 more seriously.
  • Monday, 9 hours in the studio, but free evening. Unless I decide to attend Campus Crusade's meet. I remember writing particulars during the CCA drive. Benjamin slit his left thumb with the penknife today, and had it wrapped up into a white bundle.
  • Tuesday, 7 hours in the studio, 1.5 hours of violin practice, 1.5 hours of Christian Fellowship.
  • Wednesday, 7 hours in the studio, 2 hours of Tennis.
  • Thursday, 7 hours in studio, 1.5 hours of Tennis, 3 hours of Strings ensemble.
  • Friday, HOME. Piano for 5 hours. Bach.
  • Saturday, 1 hours of piano lesson, 6 hours in church playing the keys for youth's band and then some mamak and fellowship, and JUST when I thought I was all ready to slack at home watching Okto's programme on the Vienna Orchestra with well-known guest artists~ Fann dropped a call, calling me for Dinner at That's Cafe. Classy one, good food, with good company, ahh. This kind of fellowship can only happen once to twice a year since we're all scattered after high school.
  • Sunday, church service, lunch with dad and bought some groceries, then we headed to Singapore already. Yes, my rendezvous at Down Town East - Cosfest.

Nothing like my little tranquil/mundane JB, there's too many happenings here all at once that I can't attend the ones I want to.

Like Li Yundi's Gala concert - 24th July. Sold out.
Hillsong United concert - 26th July. Sold out.


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