Monday, July 06, 2009

This is History.


Wow, what a match eh?
We're not even halfway through
a dust storm blows around Roddick's feet


I only take photographs of the scoreboard
want to take in each moment with my own eyes


Sampras offers his rehearsed smile
as the page where his record is printed
begins to smoulder


Someone jokes that Fed's wife
is about to give birth any moment
one more held serve
and we all will


Both men stare at each other
across the net in disbelief
before the next ball crashes down the line


A dragonfly buzzes
inches away from the cool glass
it cannot hold back the sound any more
as we finally begin to roar
along with the crowd


The rest of the tournament
stops existing
we have entered a world
where there are no records to break
the stats on the screen to the side
shrug their shoulders
and refuse to comment


Unlucky for everyone that isn’t here right now
Unlucky for two men thinking the same thought
"Surely he’s got nothing left?"


After Fed's 50th ace
Roddick re-cooperates
looks to the scoreboard
he can't believe it either
to avoid getting dizzy he glances back down
at 8mm of ryegrass and creeping fescue


Fed hits the magic number
we have no breath left to cheer the winner
should the winner ever come
I imagine the game still going
in a hundred years time
before a congregation of skeletons


Federer jumps up, spins
and roars to the crowd
the greatest ever
two weeks of pent up emotion
finally erupt
the carpet is rolled out for time and reality
to return
and I make for the exit
too exhausted to watch him lift the trophy
to return to a life
of telling everyone
I was there

Fifth set was Epic. 4 hour 16 minutes. 16-14 in the tiebreaker. Man.
Roddick played his heart out, brilliant game he put up, but Roger got it back from last year's drama.
Hurt to see the american broken so badly, but equally excited over Roger's win.

What else can I say?

Wimbledon is awesome.


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