Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I say I hate Running.

Running for fitness sake, or achieving your goals bit by bit, seems a whole lot easier to me- when you have no idea how the other Competitors are effortlessly zooming pass you.

Ah. Poly 50 is like sports day. Except that more adrenaline pumping is involved.

Over 100 teams of 10 members per team were sweating it all out today.

I should have trusted my instincts when Leon didn't give me a clear answer that I only have to run 100 meters for 5 times. Yeah. Donkey shitx)

And then 2 days before the race, Leon reminds me about it, when the event was at point of deletion of trashed somewhere at the corner of my head-

And I thought it as an exercise routine since tennis training was off this Wednesday.
If I get tired, I could just stroll along the route, right?

And I had when through zero_nil_nada running practices.

I say I hate running.

200 meters fast 'sprint' of more than 10 times. Gosh. I wasn't prepared AT ALL.
My heart and limbs were burning in the first long 400m already (couldn't find the next relayer due to the overcrowded back lane of the W5A studios)

I say I hate running!

50 laps around, with 3 of 200 meters stations. 10 per team.
I didn't quite like the fact that I was to run more than 6 times of 100 meters Leon had cajoled me into the race.

So there I was, on a slow and steady jog pace while the other muscular dragonboaters etc ran passed me in a blink of an eye.


The important thing is, I was running for Christian Fellowship.
I love their company. So many I joined, even though I said I hate running.
And I knew there wasn't much pressure to win the race, like the other teams.
I knew that everyone was just like me.
Somehow, we'll enter and finish the race, together, encouraging one another and supporting each other when we're falling.
Fuji, was providing music at the top of the little hill we all hated to run through.
Guitar + Voice = 2 hours of motivation for practically everyone running the race.

Then we actually formed a circle in the middle of the car park and started singing songs and sharing experiences when the race ended :)

I don’t care what people will say
I’m running after You
I won’t turn back and go their way
Coz I’m running after You
Yeah I’m running after You
I’m running after You
-Planet Shakers, 2003

Races. How metaphorical.

Everyday's a race to finish till I hit Home.

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