Sunday, August 09, 2009


Mimicking Kim's AHHHHHHHHH.

This week was like a cocktail, a weird sort of concoction. I think I'm feeling the Stress coming in.

Always known for the cool and laidbackness I always seem on the facade, I think something's changing bit by bit. I feel the pinch of work not done. The bad grades. The money wasting away on mistakes and things-should-be-avoided-on. The hunger pang while slicing expensive foam board. The week spend outside home without my family but strangers. The expensive and limiting public transportation. The massive squeeze in the MRT and buses. The very jerky buses. The big, bulky and fragile cardboard model. The absence of a PC computer, printer, and scanner in my residence. The very small and claustrophobic room shared by two pathetic souls. The fuss having no space/place to do my work.

The exasperation of the thought, whether I could meet a dateline with the best I have in hand.

Screw it.
Nobody else gets to do what I do now okay, I'm enjoying the stuff, but despising, dreading the imminent stress. >.>

Why must I coincidentally meet Arthur thrice a week in Singapore as well as JB?

So I watched V for Vendetta for the second time in the week on Friday after banging the keys for awhile.

Saturdays are always too packed for some reason. I guess, on some Saturdays perhaps I should just allow myself to rest at home over a good book, fruit juice, and Music. Classical music like Symphony 92.4. That, is the ultimate weekend I could only wish for.

I was glad to leave Youth meet earlier yesterday, was sweating like a pig under the canopy structure and yawning too occasionally as if listening to balloon pop every 7 minutes was hypnotizing/maybe uncle chris' broken english spoken a little too softly in the open space was downloading more lethargy into me- I was hoping they used the air-conditioned hall actually.
After my parents picked me up I HAD to get fruit juice from the gas station or I might die of dehydration.

And then- the much anticipated Birthday Party! =) =)
It has been long since I attended a real birthday party- I guess the last time was October last year when I got to explore Wit Lyn's mansion and had good food. Eheh.

Wasn't very long actually. Just that Ern Qi's one year old birthday party had balloons, party bag, a very fantastic cake, themed, a very awesome looking cake, and incredibly good food- What I've been longing for during the whole week! x)

Saturday nights are a mystery. No dream can occur during the weekdays for some unknown reason, only on Saturday nights when I'm at Home, lying in on my own bed after the Monday to Saturday's load of work - it'll be an epic blockbuster dream. Last week it was a damn scary one, last night's was an unforgettable sweet one :)

(Li Yundi again in my dreams. Right. omg. Super sweet one this time XD; but is there such thing as smoking UHU glue? :S )

And then the following Sunday I'm most likely to be moody :/

AHHH. I shall return to my den and fret over primer 2 and the days to come before a nice long semester break.

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