Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hello Mr Dentist, It's been more than a year.

When left in the dentist chair and room alone, I wasn't such a fool to extract my teeth on my own, like Bean :D I don't usually take pictures at the dentist's, just trying out the SE camera phone, actually, after Mr Nok went M.I.A.

Trips to the dentist's allows me to measure the amount of time that has passed, always. One thing that is unavoidable at the dentist's is that no matter how early you reached the clinic, you'll still have to wait a good deal of time before your turn comes.

The scene is so familiar, again The Dentist, the automatic chair and the blinding lights- but what's different is the date and time on your watch. It has been more than a year since the doctor last had bad encounter of my halitosis- okay joking I have No bad breath, I require no mints when in conversation with anyone.XD

I've been to this place too often, since the days of my primary school, up to the first visit since I started tertiary ed, today- the doctor still remembers my name well.

Well, well, dad showed me his photo gallery yesterday after we had dinner- how different were our looks when we were younger! Even Russ and the Hamsters looked young; and of course later on we had 3 sets of an interesting bird species came building nests in my yard after the dog was gone- my dad haven't gone down making a proper photolog for them all, too many, too messy, but would have made an awesome photo montage. I'll make one, when I feel like it this holidays x)

Anyway, I've realised how everyone in my batch have found their new lifestyle after high school, and naturally adapting and perhaps enjoying their college and friends very much after more than half a year already; while some already received their acceptance letters to enter a university?

Noticed how you look older in the mirror?

(I noticed how I couldn't fit in St John pants properly anymore)

Anyway, re-studying music theory from grade 1- this time, properly (don't know what went into my head all these years!). Because finally, I've found a good use to apply them otherwise whacking the keyboard would sound too amateur if SAND decides to pay the worship team another visit, and using more words like ostinato and syncopation- it would be a complete waste of knowledge if I ever have them explaining techniques and ways we could use to improve on near future. I think I only understood that 'hello mr electric guitar, no more than 6 notes in a bar during if playing worship music.' heh.

Some Sherlock Holmes, and then I'll retire for the day, piano lesson tomorrow morning :)

P.S. Hello Hurricane I can't possibly wait much longer for you!

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