Friday, September 04, 2009

Ice Cream Business.

Putting aside the topic of Cryonics, suspended animation, induced hibernation, amorphous ice, euthanasia and the Principle of double effect, mind-uploading-

I tell you in the future we will have zombies with no souls warring against each other if people keep thinking of preserving Hitler and reviving him in a 100 years time.
Or we can pop another baby out when we want to, just put an embyro and some million sperms in a test tube, shake it and give an electric shock.

Biotechnology is interesting as it is (I love reading articles of what technology does these days every once in awhile), while crossing the line of moral and ethics-

I think the best use for liquid nitrogen is still the process of making Ice Cream.

Ice cream cures and literally cools emotions quite effectively, I would say, unless you downed some really bad tasting ones eg. organic lettuce and celery (yuck, I can imagine)

If I had ever thought of setting up a business, (besides the ultimate- architecture firm which seems pretty impossible now, but its okay to dream.) it was always the Ice Cream Business.

I've thought of it for a pretty long while, but never learnt anything 'business, marketing, enterprise, entrepreneurship' etc- I think I need to seriously sit down and write out a business plan. Anyone with me?

Why, would I want to set up a business when I'm totally not into the world of commerce?
Simply because I thought that I needed money to travel the world.

Just moments ago my dad showed me a picture of his, a 19 year old young lad standing in front of Ulm Munster- Tallest church in Germany, must be the Gothic Architecture Mr Chieu told us about during the History and Theory lecture a few weeks back. Enormous looking church, especially with a human scaled figure at standing beside it. How wonderful it must be to stand beside a wonder like that.

Then I was reciting again, the story of how my dad and his travel buddy needed to travel from Germany to Italy passing through a small border town in Austria, and little did they know they were required to have a Visa to enter Austria. Left with no other choice, they camped at the train station to get their visa done the next morning. The station master was a kind man- cold and chilly season it was, he brought blankets for the two tourists on their little misadventures.

I may never have a chance like that to tour Europe at 19, but it doesn't matter whether you're 19 or 90, seeing the world outside your home is definitely an experience to grab hold of. That's why I'm planning something you see, planning on simple and workable.

Be it something as successful as this

Or just a driving an ice cream truck playing some really cheerful tunes
Or just what I get in my own housing area.

Maybe just working at a local McDonald's Ice Cream Kiosk would be fine for now

Cyborgs wouldn't sense the joy of having an ice cream cone or Popsicle during a hot day, would they?

So this is what the holidays does to me-
Withdrawal symptoms from not having a project to work on,
I have a newly opened restaurant in Restaurant City.
I'm reading about the founders of Facebook.
I'm also reading up about Cryonics.
I'm thinking about busking with my violin if I could play well.
and I'm thinking of doing Ice Cream business.


Jennifer @ Getting Down With Jesus said...

It was a pleasure to "see" you over at Getting Down With Jesus. I came by to say hello, and see what the Symphony sounds like here. ...


Ernie Fidanza said...

Ice cream is everybody's favorite.. And having an ice cream business is great idea.. I myself have engaged in the ice cream truck business.. Having an ice cream makes people very young at heart. =)