Wednesday, September 02, 2009

But when it comes to the end,

I feel it,

the days when you wake up late but still tired due to the excess sleep,

staying at home the whole day,
no other souls at home to talk to,
no movies to watch,
no good novel to read,
ever lagging and fluctuating internet connection,

Laziness lying in my bones,

I'm found sitting in my chair 70% of the day munching too much cookies and crisps.

Thinking. Of nothing productive.

There's always such thing as the piano sitting downstairs,
But I was simply to lazy move my ass to grab a pencil and study the Bach piece. Or Debussy's Arabesque.

You know, strange devices and machines often appear in my house every now and then. Sometimes its a Nikon camera flash, a pair of portable USB speakers, a camera RC which resembles a cheap piece of plastic, 2 more new China-brand media players, a printer, a Panasonic media player, a china music player, a camera tripod, a HP desktop, a thumbdrive, a couple more of external HDD's,

today I found a glossy-black box thing lying on the living room floor that resembles (yet another =.=) media player from China.

I checked it out, and it looked like a yet another pair of speakers. It had a brand name "sansui" at the left hand corner, which made me think that its from China. On top of it there was the name 'Chopin'; hmm, they knew how to cop pretty good names, I guess. It had 3 pairs of buttons where you can control the volume and stuff, except that the increase and decrease buttons were in switched positions- mistake, all the more I think its another china item in my house.
Wait, there was a connector for the iPod to sit in, I seemed to recognize.
Excited to finally have a pair of iPod speakers, I ran upstairs to get my iPod down.
Plugged it in, played a track from Hillsong's new album. Panicked a little because the volume was too loud, pressed the wrong button- because in other players, the decrease volume would be on the left hand side. And then I left to the kitchen to get my breakfast.

Well, I was truly amazed.
From the kitchen I could hear the bass sounding really awesome, the vocals sounded extremely crisp and clear. It was a Hi-Fi alright- all so compact you would be completely fooled by its looks. Technology came this far to built 2.1 Stereo Hi-Fi in such a small looking box. State of the art!
Dad said, acoustics is black art- an in between of science and art. =)

Eventually I went to Wiki 'sansui'. It wasn't Chinese, it was Japanese. Ahah. It got me right there.

So I spent most of my day sitting down, sipping tea and listening to music!

Dad says I'm enjoying life too much and I should be doing something more productive before I head to Amanda's aunt's office for some kind of internship-

1. Study Bach's Simfonia before Miss Loke comes for the next lesson.
2. Get a recipe to prepare tea- cakes, cupcakes, pasta, salad, my special chocolate strawberry tea. Ah. Scrumptious!
3. Then get items and materials to prepare tea, call Qing Ling over to bake something really nice. ;D
4. Create a blog for my portfolio.
5. Continue my unfinished work of coin polishing and put them in albums.
6. Create a photo/event/travel log for my dad's unorganised photos.
7. Put down my plans on ways to earn money to travel the world!

Yes, something less to worry about-
Crit for Primer 2 was finish and done with yesterday afternoon. It was fine, considering Lord Voldemort didn't say anything nasty after I presented- In fact, he kept quiet. Kim was wrong, I didn't die because 6 lecturers were around and awake for yesterday's crit session. xD


I actually had to wait for week before I could present my work after the submission. But it was fine all the same because I had the time (and guts, some say) to join the family barbeque at Romania Coast (Teluk Ramunia)- as Uncle Boey says it, one day before the great presentation and crit!

After church service on Sunday, around 20 of us packed up and left to the outskirts of town for a overnight outing at the beach.
My very old church family friends were there: The Wongs, The Boeys, The Yaps.
Plus the Meatball factory couple and the Lawyer who called me a suaku because I have never had such a pig prawn before.

Well, food was definitely the main highlight of the outing. Seafood Barbeque for the night!
Amused with Squids.

There were snacks around but we were fed with too much good food that there was no room for snacks. And I felt the sore throat syndrome creeping in the next morning- but I was praying that my voice would stay for the crit next day. Thank goodness, it did stayed and Mr Chieu said I sounded clear during the presentation. Ahah! Thanks to BBQ :D

Tried light painting after Uncle Et taught Chris how to do the long exposure 'XD'
Morning Sunrise. I didn't knew that Chris took a silhouette picture after making a jest about my cellphone camera (in which our faces could be seen pretty clearly).
Because I was wondering which pregnant lady did I take a picture with: most likely it was Naomi holding a jacket :)

Oh, how we've grown, since the Christmas of 1997!

Primer 2 had taught me a great deal and forced me in some serious working modes- got to do some self-study and read-ups these holidays I guess~

Cheers to the end of Primer 2 and Semester break!

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