Thursday, August 27, 2009

Up, Up, and Away!

What daily dose of media could bring such simple, uplifting joy in our daily lives? That a thought of it brings a little smile that lights up your tired and weary face?

Why of course-
Cartoons, Animations. Wonderful, colourful hour-and-a-half long Pixar movie during your lunch break might restart the engine for the rest of the day ahead.

I have to admit I'm one lagging behind the latest movies and media. But I care not, for pleasures are meant to be enjoyed at your own time.

Maybe too caught up with my to-do-lists recently, I only got to know about the new Pixar movie 'UP' when Mr. Chieu's laptop was connected to the studio projector screen, where the wallpaper was a cartoon dog from the movie UP. He told the class that he had already watched the movie, and some of my friends behind were talking a little about it- apparently many have watched it already- and I just got to know that there was a new animated movie playing in theatres.

I knew I had to watch something happy like that after Primer 2's submission.

Well, I got the chance to watch it with Peh Yee on Wednesday, right after submission on Tuesday :)

I love how the story goes. The foursome- which consists of a grumpy old man with a walking stick with four tennis balls at the base plus a floating house lifted by colouful helium balloons on his back, a little plump asian boy scout working for his last badge for the uniform, a colourful ostrich-cross-flamingo 'snipe' bird, and a dog with a collar that translates dog thoughts into english language. Such a childish theme, yet the story may be very sentimental to the older age group.

Maybe, in my fantasy land- I too will build my little house and tie it to a huge bunch of helium balloons and travel the world.

C'est la vie!

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