Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Famous last words.

Wouldn't it be awesome if you had a super power. A super power of playing with Time.

Or trade your mortal soul for youth with a portrait of yourself like how Mr Gray did.

She felled into a comfort zone and wished to stay in that alternate timezone forever. Being 18th was such an decent one, that she enjoyed every bit of it. Why of course, the hell of Secondary school was over and done with, being year 1 again - was the reward. Definitely, she did not hoped to go through another bit of sec school in her next life - if there is another, anyway. The journey was almost flawlessly smooth, and she felt like she could indulge in the calmness in timelessness. Of course, she was busy enough, and precisely the right amount of busyness she thought, was Perfect. Perfect that she could handle everything on her own. Never so carefree and independent. Kept all the cool-headedness people always observe in her. Inherited from her dad, supposedly. She was aware of growing into a feminist. Why, she was young, she was contented, she had everything that made her grow in the right sense. She could choose to do anything and everything, only if time and her conscience allowed. She met many people in a single year, probably the highest count so far, unique acquaintances and everything that promotes humanity. She's seen and understand beauty more, now she has her checklist typewritten neatly in her head;

Oh, now she's fallen into the rabbit hole. Shall wait for another ride of her life as she ventures to hit Goliath on his big and bulging forehead - only to make it swell and become bigger and explode like an atomic bomb. Like a Bomb.

I need my portrait painted D:

While I thought that I was learning how to live, I was learning how to die.

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