Monday, March 01, 2010

March on!

Yes, officially LAST day to be found in the studio for the first year DARCH students.
Went to school, ready to pack up my models (well at least the smaller ones in a paper bag, all ready) when not a single model was on my studio desk.

I even planned to set up a home exhibition for my own satisfaction.

So for the first time with no worries, we slacked to the max in the studio. heh. Just waiting for lecturers to announce who's to stay for the interview because you might be on the brim of a pass and fail grade.

Well only one guy from 05/06. The others were safe. You may all proceed to the next stage.

So I ran up to the exhibition lounge, searched for my models. Surprisingly, all of my models were there. ALL. Even the massing and the unfinished-roof-rafters structural model. HAHAHA. Glad that they found it decent to be exhibited, at the same time disappointed that I couldn't take it back for my all-planned-exhibit (that eventually will collect so much dust that mum will make it go down the trash can one fine day :/ ), and worried that high chances it will get damage due to the naughty students who find so much fun in tossing tennis balls in the exhibit and studio areas :X, and ultimately happy because I didn't need to carry cardboard models across the causeway all the way home. HEH

I just need to get rid of that affinity towards my models. No models ever last forever no matter how much effort you throw in, eh? One day, every model has to meet its death. :)

Images obviously snapped by my cell phone's camera-secretly. Who would want to get caught taking pictures of their own models on the exhibit shelves hehXD

Very firsts Primer 1 models.

Primer 1 group model.

Primer 2 massing model.

Primer 2 final model.

Year one final project - Final model.

The unfinished structural model. Felt real bad about it actually. And now, one column's down. Who knocked it down, huh?

Anyway, I didn't believe it's already March 2010 when the clock strike twelve.
There's no reason I should get angry on a morning of the first day in March. But I did.
I thought my sensations shut down when that particular topic is raised, I thought it was all a numbing sensation, but somehow it stills pricks my soul. Why, because it ties back to my past.
A past that was bitter-sweet.

Well, it lasted not more than 7 minutes. I'm perfectly happy that I treated myself to lunch and dinner more expensive than usual :D


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