Thursday, February 25, 2010

Almost as happy as a lark.

The lights are go off, Youtube continues playing on my laptop - a different laptop, but still without backlights on the keypad; a different bed and country altogether; 14 months later with probably another 2kg's with an older looking face.

I remember watching the last Taiwanese drama in December 2008, during the final days of exam when I didn't really care so much to study anymore; today Julia finishes the next - at the end of February 2010 during the final tests of ES, MAT, and Econs, and the final portfolio review. Oh I must say that haipaitianxin amused me quite a fair bit, but it definitely sucks to be BaoZhu. Heh.

It's the end of Year 1! We took some pictures, had free lunch, had extra servings of the free flow ice-cream, reading little sentences of what our batch wrote about 'what is architecture?', had a few laughs with our year 1 lecturers, and I headed off to the school library - thinking that I should get a book since I'm free to input some reading for entertainment purposes.

I met Grace, someone who sat beside me for the Year, but only attending classes randomly - so Michael and I get less table space every twice to thrice a week. Cut the slack, she was rather a nice person. She was rummaging the DVD racks for some movies and invited me to watch a movie with her at the media corner. It was full then, I was lazy to wait for an empty slot, so I headed back to the room - finishing up the last quarter of the drama series I was catching.

I enjoy some entertainment at the end for the sake of celebration, but what kind of entertainment, I usually decide for myself. Anyway, I like how I can cancel one stroke on the wall like a criminal in prison, waiting for the years to go by before he is released. It is the risk I took in 2008 when the decision was made for myself, that I shall go to architecture school after high school - but I shall be careful not to let a career take control Life. I thought that I should treasure youth as it comes only once in a lifetime, enjoy without ruining it. :)

Cheers to the completion of Year 1. I wonder how many classmates will I have next academic year.

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