Thursday, February 11, 2010


Wednesday Morning Session Critique.

Had to swap my Awesome-Last-Person-On-Last-Day-Of-Crit time slot with Michael with a simple reason of not wanting to get caught up in the foreseen massive jam at the causeway on Friday evening.

After the the major submission on last Friday, I was looking forward to the first ever concert I would be participating in on the following Sunday. Architecture work? Was it as fun as playing music with a group of awesome people who don't swear because of the SSS (Studio-Stress Syndrome). Was it really that stressful for the first year in Architecture school? I thought I've seen worst cases. Anyway, in practices all I get is "Wa. Sit down whole day also can develop muscle on one side of the back." That kind of random nonsense :)

I hope after reading The Picture of Dorian Gray, Lord Henry's concepts of life will not linger in my head for long. I know its bad, but, I'm probably at the best age in life. It's the age where you step out into the adult's world and realized there's so much ahead of you. The age where you could decide what you want to be, how you want others to perceive you, and enjoy that unwrinkled skin and optimum health. Like they say the professional tennis players reach their peak around the age of 25 (except Roger Federer who's still going strong at 28XD). It's the phase where people around you would shape how you would be like in the future, the lifestyle you live with now would probably be stuck with you till you start finding wrinkles on your forehead, and then will the community around you stick around you?

Well, point is, after Friday's submission, I had a random feeling that I was done with Architecture school. What shall I study next?

I'm young, I could do anything I want.

Or to make things clearer, after finishing a year in Architecture school, shall I switch my major to something else?

Why do I like to do everything, and not the determination to complete one thing at the time?
Jack of all traits, master of none.

Anyway, I kinda love this part of the whole thing. Some get really crushed, but, Enjoy.

Its a space where your mum sends you to sit in for an hour when you're naughty.
I won't go there to read in front of a wall, I'll probably go there to chant.

Dry kitchens are for angmohs where they do fake cooking. Warm up their maggi mee and stuff.
A kitchen doesn't have to be an enclosed space even though HDB has been doing that for the past fifty years.

What's that yellow strip? Like lemon paste. Eggtart.

Like an army of Frodo and elves. So disconnected. Wow. I'm levitating.

Why is your rendering like a Doomsday scene?

Like handyplast.

What's that orange thing there? Like the room's on fire. Somebody burning alive in there.

You know what is diarrhea? That, is diarrhea.

What's that rectangle doing down there? Is it the client's coffin?

-sarcasm ends here-

lalala-Quit architecture school if you don't want your ego crushed-lalala

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