Monday, February 08, 2010

Let's call it a Day.

The day passed really, really fast. Before we knew it, it was all over. Anyway since I'm constantly getting older, my 24 hours always feels a fraction less than the day before. Therefore, a day passes without any feeling that I physically went through it. You must think that I have some paranoia, keep thinking that tomorrow will be the shortest day of my life because I'm the oldest living thing on earth, eh. My friends told me yesterday that I had a paranoia of the bow strings falling off in the midst of playing - no, they were dropping their bows right before the concert startedXD

2010 doesn't really feel new to me, just another day really. Maybe because I'm still tied down on my final project since the second semester of Year 1 - in architecture school. Year 1 hasn't ended yet, but it'll end soon, the end of February. That's when March shall mark the start. I love Spring.

Hectic whole semester it was, with the final submission last Friday. But I've been through it. A whole day in the studio without seeing the sunlight, I rush off to the farthest end of the campus to attend night classes (and now I feel smarter than my classmates :P) Tuesdays the same, only that I normally attend the Christian Fellowship meeting but not for the fourth term - where I'll be rushing off to attend sectional practices, sometimes until 10pm. Wednesday I'll grab the chance to work on the finals the whole-day long. Thursdays the same studio hours, with an exception that I'll be looking forward for the night to come - it's call music therapy.

Well, we had to work it out. The people from the Strings Ensemble are a pretty decent bunch of people, never heard a single swear word before; unlike in the studios where I have to mute off the infinite amount of vulgarities with my earphones. The more often the computer programme screws up, the higher the frequency of vulgarities. Anyway, we had our academics and the upcoming concert to juggle with - such frequent practices and homework in between, very common. Its the final term, all the more work has to be done for our academics - but simultaneously, we strive to get the notes and learn the score right.

I've been marking the concert date on the calendar since September last year, when I was 5 months younger, and then it came, and pass, like the wind. The night was over, before I knew it. I was looking forward to it, never played in a concert like this before, let alone shifted to the first desk because of the player who was not being able to play 0n the day of concert. Felt rather unworthyXD

We knew where we went wrong, probably not to be receiving every word of 'good', or 'beautiful' from Mr Yang for every single piece we played. Still, the audience was gracious enough to have gave a good job, thumbs up. Second violinists, good effort! For the little background of violin playing we have, weren't perfect, but certainly a good improvement since day one I joined the ensemble :) Thanks to ♥all of you who sent me wishes before the event!! Thanks to all my lovely people who attended and supported the event ♥mum, ♥dad, ♥cousin yeelin, ♥roomie shannon, ♥old buddy jon, ♥archi work-shadowing buddy dan, awesome archi peeps ♥ahdada, ♥mandy, ♥yinleng, CF penangite ♥andrew && ♥♥SPSE♥♥all of ya!


Novzix said...

Well u did Great at the concert :) I still love Pizzicato :p
BTW, ur quitting Architecture? What the?

Julia C said...

HAHA RANDOM FEELING LA. like everything went quite decently for the year, and finished, felt like I finished something. can go on do another thing. LOL.

because probably I'm hearing people finishing something in life, like you *finishing* your advert job, and many of my friends who finished their pre-u. hahahaha

not to worry. XD

(of course there's a long way to go before im finished)