Saturday, April 17, 2010

This is the point where my second semester break comes to an end. Yes, That (some say) never ending 6-week long holiday is one that seems to stretch into forever, although that statement only applies to the bored aka boring people:P Knowing I was going to waste away like thrash during the last semester break if I don't find something useful to do, I decided to get a job opposite my right away after Crit week.

Least it made me walk up and down the restaurant aisle non stop for 5 hours, around 3 times a week so I don't go overweight too fast during the long breaks.

But work is work, you can't possibly skip your shift like you skip a class in school. You won't get into trouble, you'll lose the job. So that speaks for another missed out chance to meet my old buddies Properly before all of us run back to our mountain high assignments and project when the term stars all over again. Many run back to the University, while others like me stucked in college. But I'm fine. Somehow hoping this three years wouldn't end so soon because it's Life! (: I don't need to work my ass off to stay on board. Call me lazy, fat, and couldn't care less about my future. I'm just simply too laid back for my own good:D

Carpe diem, carpe diem.

Nothing better under the sun than to eat, drink, and be glad.
&& watching a train passing by, a starry night sky, and ice cream!

Death is one topic often sought after (aside from sex, money and power), the mystery behind what happens next, has been in our ever inquisitive heads ever since we landed Here we could possibly live up to around 80 years on the average, if you're lucky and cross the roads properly most of the time. The bible said Methuselah lived up to nearly a thousand years. Well that's damn cool because you get to watch at least 12 generations grow up and get kids, AND you'll be the one ruling all of them :D But if he doesn't meet death earlier he'll be spending so much time missing people who've gone away earlier. So is it better to fight cancer on earth for ten thousand days, or BAM. Get caught up in an accident where death caught you off guard? (:

Never had any siblings I'd live together with before, but technically, I should have another 2 more siblings. One could have been a brother, another unknown. And its probably something new to many, besides a few primary school friends who was too close for me to be lying to; but I always choose to say, I'm the only child. Always was. Easier that way, because people always react the same way, and I have the generic answer for that.

And then sometimes I'd be envious of those who have a brother or sister to live with (especially on festive seasons), because the only time I'll be worrying about my future is because I'm the only child of this threesome, mum dad and me. And I'm the only one living in this generation, there's no more flesh and blood to relate to. Let alone this clan I'm in that's on the verge of extinction. Haven't met any Cheam's in person outside my famiy circle, only one virtual friend on facebook. And many a times you don't know whether there's really this person on the other side of the cyber planet. Could be just another computer programme like the Architect you see in The Matrix, right.

After being saturated with too much classic language that takes up half the time of reading to understand what the author wants to convey in that sentence, I'll leave Dickens and Austen aside first. I headed to school library the other day to look for my Marketing text actually, but landed on Jodi Picoult's My sister's keeper by chance. Well I think to be a good writer in my liking, you have to be extra observant of things people face everyday and be able to pen them down in Words. Like how an artist brings out an emotion in his abstract art. But sometimes its too abstract for me, so I prefer something easier and simpler to understand like music and dance, or Architecture (It's very practical, actually). Jodi Picoult does it very well, to how she relates to every character, voicing out their opinions and thoughts running through their head by writing in first person's point of view for a couple of important characters, to how she incorporates issues on ethical and moral debate we often hear about. The ending is bittersweet, so better read the last 50 pages alone where you can shed some tears without being caught. (:

Definitely worth a read, if you asked me.
(& the daddy character is a Fireman, and Firemens are Heroes:D )

Ohh, back to school. (:
I won't be around blogosphere when I'm running about in school, that's for sure.
Goodbye, for now!

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