Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Realized I haven't blogged in the month of May and now, its the first day in the month of June! There's two posts secretly hiding in the draft section, but I don't think I have enough opinions to pour out concerning the issue of 'why sustainability' and C.S. Lewis books,' The Great Divorce and Out of the Silent Planet - first part of the cosmic trilogy. I've gone through the History & Theory of Architecture module readings, a whole lot of them, underlined the important points to note, but then again - too many opinions, none of them properly penned down. Which is something I have to do soon because it is an assignment to be completed soon. Time passes realllllly fast.(sorry, again) That kid outside my bedroom, who was still crawling few months ago, is now running around the house and learning to talk. And a whole lot taller!

If that kid is growing taller, I think I'm growing wider.

Seems like I come here every beginning of the term to spill out some stories. It is always the time where you sit and reflect on the how the weeks went by which seems like it was yesterday.
Well for me, the First term of Year 2 started, I made some effort to make some closer friends in the studio, went back to Strings Ensemble to play music that literally made me droolXD (which I was then subsequently transferred to the first violin section), new project came along, read and research much more than the previous year, had some suspicions concerning the new teacher, did not place as much concentration in the marketing module as compared to economics (oh I'm starting to hate projects and prefer reading!), ripped a whole lot of music CD's from the library :D, played some tennis with SPSE friends, had one of two meets with SPPE members, went to CF for bible studies, went back to JB on weekends to continue serving in the worship ministry, and piano lessons D;, preparation for the upcoming Youth Concert, played along with SPSE friends in the freshman orientation camp, attended Cho Yonggi's service in Expo, always visiting Jurong Point shops to check out new promos (oh shoot I'm getting addicted to shopping - something which I despised when I wasn't a Lady(: )

Ahh so much has happened.

Still the clearest event happenings would be last weekend's, where I forced myself to go home to get my sleeping bag, slippers, and attend another band practice for the upcoming Youth Concert in church. Its true that I always have to drag myself out of house when I could be watching a comedy or enjoying the Berlin Phil playing Mozart on Okto in what I call Home; but they say destress is destress, when you walk away from your current work that caused you the uneasiness to something else (like how I remember my Leader went to sleep when the Team had a very tight deadline, 3 to 4 years ago), you'll forget your worries. It does work actually, coming back refresh, sometimes into laziness, but most of the time ready for the work challenge. Well, I headed to camp the very next day after the practice, Strings Ensemble Freshman Orientation Camp which I left halfway last year. Well this year, I lasted another day although not the full camp. It was the complete opposite of the St John Intensive camp I used to attend throughout my highschool life, it was the sort of camp where you make new friends and play whole day. So you see, I wasn't quite in the mood to 'play whole day'. Interim critique was on the following week (this week). I wasn't quite done with my work, but I knew I was (always) on the last of the list, probably the last person who got in the cohort ;D I had some extra time to complete what I was supposed to complete, get my concept straight, and present it. Therefore it wasn't such an irrational decision to go to camp and get to know my interest group mates (: Its always fun to know more people who are willing to know you, therefore your effort on getting to know one isn't at all wasted, its reciprocal. I'm probably 80% introvert. I'd rather avoid the crowd and cook instant noodles for dinner, or I'd rather lie in bed with a good music and a good book instead of circling City Square for the umpteenth time, or rather hide in the room watching a movie on the computer notebook rather than going out in a big crowd to the theater or play the piano or violin for long hours than going out for a drink with a friend. Means I'd rather crash in bed or hide behind facebook rather than attending a camp to make new friends physically. Thanks to technology, many a times I'm either shy or lazy, the reasons I prefer it virtual. :D

Still, I should say I enjoyed the break free from school work for a while. Got some bruises and bites, but its okay. I said it wasn't so un-beneficiary after all, there world has such diverse characters, and I enjoy knowing those different people (well, who aren't proud and is willing to bring up a decent conversation or crack up a joke with me). The maze was a whole new experience, and new classroom game invention! All you need to create the maze is a classroom with desks, cardboard and tape, plan the route, of the lights and voila! You get that claustrophobic, steaming with sweat (only in tropical regions) tunnel made up of tables and cardboard partitions, and in complete darkness. Complete darkness is something I really despise, and I am ultimately grateful I have functional eyes. It probably feels like a blind man, where you have to depend on touch, sound, and other senses other than your vision. I was never able navigate through total darkness before, I was anxious to get out that I followed and discuss with my friend under the table whether to turn right or left, it was cramp for people like us to crawl under the desks, it was filled with heat and carbon dioxide because one too many people entered the maze at the same time, seldom a risk taker, I prefer my cellphone with me so I have a little light to navigate my way through. The next day I found bruises on my elbows and knees. But it was worth it, at this age, a game that still kept me amused.

Now, all that comes to mind are assignments and deadlines. But I wouldn't mind jotting down some short opinions on things that happened once again.(:

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