Monday, August 16, 2010

He's here!

Joe is here to promote my Tumblr page. YEAHH XD

Realized I haven't had much to say here since I started college. A lot has change; and I probably dislike blogging what I've done today, yesterday, and tomorrow like some blogs do, unless its really significant I have enough viewpoints on the event, I'll write. Or else, its pretty worthless unless you're releasing some hatred speech or trying to tell the whole world (literally) that you dislike someone.

I prefer to put on what I Love.

(like that guy above yo,)

another reason is that my main interests have shifted. I no longer do what I did in high school, my concerns are no longer the same, I look much further into the future than I ought to; but you'll still see the movies, books, music, all the same.

architectural interests are at :

my likings have grown tremendously. and I reblog more than I write. therefore, use tumblr! :D

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