Thursday, August 05, 2010

Remember, remember,

I'm back into Dream Journaling! Since they'd been weird ones lately. Not so epic, just darn nonsensical.

2 concerned my Roomey, since I see her everyday.

Well, Monday night we were talking about how we prefer older, decent guys while I was preparing for my critique the next day. Not actually preparing though, I don't really prepare for presentations lately- I just speak out what's on my mind for the moment, of course sometime missing out pieces of information. So the conversation ended with crazy tear jerking laughters that I'm sure the ears outside our room could have been unintentionally eavesdropping.

When I went to sleep this dream came to me that Roomey brought a pretty young guy into our room, and he was sitting on my white chair. In my mind, I said good job. He didn't look too bad.XD They were talking like normal friends but I perceived it to be her boyfriend. Ha! The next thing I knew I was stalking her at her church (the setting might not be exactly her church, but I knew I walking through Her Church.) I saw Roomey and this older guy, with a beer belly, chubby a little, already had the uncle-like look on the face. While I was behind a column stalking Roomey, some teenager was beside me too (must be on a stalking job as well), told me rumours that they were an item. Oh. Where's the younger guy already. I know we discussed that older guys were better and more matured. But why this Uncle! Was he really such a decent guy? I hope I didn't planted that idea that you had to go straight for an uncle right after the discussion!

That was it, couldn't remember more. hee. Told her the next day, and she told me to dream of a younger guy the next time. XD

Well, nonsensical, isn't it.

2 mornings later, Roomey told me I was babbling at 6 something in the morning, before my alarm rang.
Couldn't remember a thing that happened in my mind that night though.
She said it was annoying, because she wanted to go back to sleep before she really needed to wake up for school.


Last night, had another dream.
I was in Church, the one I attend regularly. The building wasn't the same, the old building was still there, with the blue paints and cabin like structures, but the new building wasn't there at all. Instead, that building was an old roman like cathedral, with the ionic columns lined up at the front facade. It was slightly yellowish, not pure white. And it was at night, in the first scene where I was in the top storey, a meeting room, where we were seated at a long feasting/meeting table for the discussion of whether we should add steel beam to hold the roof above us. The beam was not at the building line, but left the roof eave to be cantilevered. Well, the plan was made. I walked out of the building into the car park, where I noticed that the building looks like it was going to crumble down anytime. Gave me some creeps, and I hopped into my dad's car.
The next afternoon they fixed the beam, and we were in the meeting room again. This time, they were discussing concerning the cantilevered part of the roof- it looked as if it wasn't going to hold for long. We agreed on placing another beam across, and the beam would go into the wall. This time they did it straight away, the beam was brought in my some construction workers and they fixed it straight away. The moment it was fitted into the wall, all of us noticed the crack in the wall spreading. All ran out of the meeting room down to the empty carpark. I noticed a column falling and crashing to the ground. We knew there was a service in the ground level, so one or two ran in the crashing building to inform the meeting to escape right away. I was called to run in to inform the people too. Soon people went out, not so frantically. And at last I saw Samjit standing at the door shouting out to me from afar, that everyone's out of the building, nobody was hurt. And then the final scene was the building crashing down.

Nonsensical, right.

Second dream last night was rather disturbing. This time it was Roomey and I together, we walked out of church, I wonder who's church it was, because it didn't seemed so familiar. It could even be in Singapore, because we were walking out the church into streets that seemed to be flanked with HDB's. We crossed the road opposite the church, and notice a weird guy stalking us. He wasn't very big in size, more on the thin side, and was looking on the ground most of the time when I took a look at him. Whenever we changed direction, he would follow us. Now we knew that it was hard to shake him off. Roomey had a toy samurai sword with her, threatening to hurt him if he stalked us. Instead he managed to grabbed the samurai sword from her. We were in trouble. We thought him as Kidnapper. Kidnapper told us to follow what he said or we might get hurt. I wanted to take the risk to escape, run the other direction; but Roomey said we should just follow what he say, because he might really hurt us harder if we tried to escape. So we followed him to a foodcourt located at one of the HDB void decks. We told Kidnapper that we needed to use to restroom, and we went to the foodcourt's restroom, and both of us hid in one restroom, thinking that if we could stay in it long enough, he won't get us anymore. After sometime we went out the rest room, and went back to the foodcourt. To our dismay, Kidnapper was still around. This time, he was sitting around one round table with some ah-beng ah-lian friends, smoking, drinking beer, and playing cards. He asked us to join. We were afraid to leave, yet we didn't like sitting around that kind of friends. Just then, I heard my Roomey's alarm clock song. Went back to dream space and told my roomey: no worries. We're in a dream. We're gonna wake up soon, there's no need to escape.

I just love the feeling that I'm no more danger, that I can return to the real world and I'm perfectly safe, lying down on the bed. (:

I could relate most of the event characters and setting to my real world experiences, like always. I briefly came across the article of Sistine Chapel that night, and have imagine the next church building to be cathedral-like whenever my dad asks me to come up with a design it- no wonder there was a cathedral like building in my dreams, on the same plot of land I would like it to be!

Oh, and the day before I remember seeing a group of people in my studio playing cards, talking loudly and using crude words when the Crit session was over. Could be the people I dislike in my dreams- the ones playing cards, smoking and drinking.

&& I hope I don't dream too much about JGL in the day, I need to be working on reports and projects when I'm awake enough to do it. Although it would be awesome if its a night time dream, like how it was with Li yundi :D

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