Sunday, August 01, 2010


Oh dear. Its time for my to crawl out of my dream world and stop fan-girling over JGL I'm not in a dream. I should be doing something more useful.

But its been darn long since I went fan-girling- which didn't come up to any conclusion other than just a temporary craze. It's too meaningless.

But still, being cute, smart, talented and hot, JGL is simply hard to resist.

Remember him acting as a kid in A River Runs Through It, and the features stayed!
Equally adorable in 500 days of summer :3

Anyway, Inception was a fascinating movie, having a team of people on a mission to change a person's mind by going into his dream space. The storyline is easy to understand once you know the rules of how they work; the cool part is totally the anti-gravity visual effects and surrealism, awesome soundtrack, great actions, spiced up with some thrill, and very importantly the Cast :D

I hope this craze doesn't linger long, because I need to get back to reality. There's tons of work to be done. (:

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