Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Lifestyle Marketing.

Walked round town the whole day with 2 Swensens firehouses on Ahdada's birthday, and then a movie with Kim, Kelvin & Ben to finish it off!

Thought The Joneses managed to show us how far marketing penetration can go into. This seemingly perfect American family have it all: the cash, the looks, the assets, the charisma, the 'friends' - oh wait, they're hired by the marketing company. Just took my last marketing paper yesterday, so I remember they call this the 'reference: aspirational group'.

If people were to ask me what marketing is about, I'll define it as:
Marketing is essentially the study about human psychology; to study how people will respond in spending their money given all the internal and external stimuli around them.

In The Joneses, they are selling the American Dream lifestyle.

Still, the ending shows us that some conscience spoke to Steve: this lying business isn't gonna get him anywhere.

To be part of this Marketing Unit, you'll have to completely be a humanoid, without a tinge of humanity.

Nice show for the night. Cheers!

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