Monday, January 24, 2011

All that Drama.

You know, things you anticipated for a long period of time just flashes before you eyes; before you could get another glimpse of it, its long gone. Well all you get is pictures of it.

Its already Monday, yes I anticipated it all, but I wasn't much excited. Running away to play music 3 times a week was my only escape from Prison. I was tired, but at least I had a night off. I didn't play well, but I get compliments. I keep the pretty things, I run away from messy things.

Anyway year 3's will be missed. Marks another year of people coming and leaving oh so fast. That's probably one of the worst feeling ever (besides Regret), of people leaving; we don't get to keep the person, only the memories. That's what you get for being in the group a year earlier than most of the peers your age- people one year senior leaves and you don't really know the people of your batch besides the few who are in the same boat as you are.

Despite it all, glad that couple of friends were so willing and enthusiastic about this concert :) The amount of supportive wishes wasn't expected too, now I know more people are listening to Classics!

Glad that I somehow managed to level up, although I didn't play up to my expectations.
Why have them expectations when it seldom hits satisfaction but only disappointments?

I don't know what's install for next season; all I know that I have to work extra hard for v1 on my part if I want to be part of the next concert. But I don't mind it. In fact I might just be the type of person that loves that lifestyle. Sometimes I feel that its better to sit behind a desk and play all day- more fulfilling than sitting like a robot in front of CAD.


monday morning angst cured by adam levine.

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