Monday, June 06, 2011

Hola amigos.
So the last entry was in late april, concerning the switchfoot concert. Skipped the month of May entirely!

As expected, couz and I having massive PCD (no, not pussycatdolls; its- Post Concert Depression) until today. It subsided a little, but still, when we talk about it we go crazy and I smile likka stupid fool- to myself/computer screen. Thanks to the oh-so-efficient LOBH site, we get non stop updates concerning the guys, their activity, and the upcoming new album Vice Verses.

Just can't get my hands on it ! We are speculating that it'll be out late august or september. Might dig out my old CD player so I can pop it in and listen to it straight. Plus, we are guessing that a single will be released in July.


After the concert my group and I work towards JC1 submission, which was the case study on SANAA's Rolex Learning Centre.

Our class had some drama happening in the middle, the girl in the middle came over to our group (and now she has left on her own). Other than that, I've had pretty good group mates, and I'm thankful that all of them are so motivated- which eventually give me some drive to do better :)

Then.. I had music theory exam on one saturday! Woooo how I'm so glad that it's over! One less worry for the weekends! 8) Now I'll just have to hope I get a pass~ :)

After JC1, other than putting our case study boards together, we had a 'dance' workshop. We were't dancing at all, but had these little exercises to study the relationship between space and body. Closing your eyes and using your other senses, making structures out of your bodies a and walk around blindfolded etc.

So after that we had a Primer project where we had to come up with a modular sculpture (yes. Modular. Again.), that is an outcome of our space-time-body exploration/study. So it was, lots of discussion, headaches and more discussions are a couple late nights. It went pretty well, as the lecturers saw the process and effort we put in. Kinda happy! Cos I guess we weren't very experimental with materials (which I wished, we were seeing how other groups did) but hey, using only One type of material, One module with variations, that's was it. My group mates were pretty careful about adhering to the rules given to us though, that's why. Some suspend it midair.. it looked good, but in which didn't really follow the instructions? But I really admire the perseverance of my groupmates :)

Lecturers are pretty great this year, after going through one term of year 3. So first sunday of the term break. Here I am, waiting to start more projects this 3 weeks before we dive into our school project. No holidays this time, and the same goes for the september semester break. Plus december term break wouldn't be great either, followed by the non-existent CNY break. There's a study trip to Italy in September, though I can't go this time because dad won't pay for it. He says we'll go backpacking when I graduate... we'll see about that! I guess I won't go for trips until the finals years of my studies, when I know I'll get graduating and getting a job soon and that my reserves can be spend on some luxuries.

So parents just came back from church camp; roomie went back on thursday evening so naomi came over to bunk in for 2 nights. We went walking around some malls on Friday, we bought stuff (food, to be specific) from NTUC, had some Koi bubble tea, bought dinner back and watched Forrest Gump. 8)
I wonder why I haven't watched it earlier! It was a 1994 movie when Tom Hanks was looking so young and handsome :) Heh. It was a great movie, and pretty long too! Gotta watch it for yourself. Plus I need the movie soundtrack. Such awesome classic tracks.

Anyway, I got my haircut. Overall length bout 2 inches shorter and some bangs ! ;)

Revit training for the whole day tomorrow. Hope I stay awake and absorb as much as I can x)

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