Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Snoozed for an hour again. Nevertheless I had time to enjoy an onigiri + coffee for breakfast. One chapter left for Esther. Supposedly its the second last week of the bible-in-a year-thing, but I'm not so sure whether I can stuff in a whole lot of deut and chronicles the following week.

Esther is quite a hero(in) ! Same goes for Paul, David, Joseph. My favorite heroes. They should make a blockbuster out of their adventures.

I got out the house, not very awake. Got my floating soul to school though. Group mates were already there, one more left to full strength ! I Must say I love my Design Thinking Workshop group mates. Kipling ! We had much chemistry. Never was in such a dynamic team before. There was a good balance of people. All optimists, bursting with ReallyCrazy ideas and full of laughter. I had a good two days with them. Gareth and team led a good DT workshop. (oh yes it beats RYLA's inspirational workshops Hands-Down. We had impromptu laughter Yogas where we did not have to stand in a row and Fake out laughs- as we did in RYLA. Glad to have the chance to be part of the Masterplanning team!

Last week we had 3 days of Revit training- 2 for me on Monday and Tuesday, for on Wednesday I headed back to get my I.C. and passport renewed. Dad was cool enough to accompany me for 3 quarters of the day waiting in the immigration complex. Had double mamak sessions with dad during the process. Went back in the evening to meet TA group mates. I salute them for such a drive in carrying out projects. Thriving real hard. Sometimes I get afraid of the culture.

Thursday and Friday we had Masterplanning lectures, background of chinatown lecture, plus Lorain shared her NUS masterplanning project in onenorth- it was during the Millennium era, it was Rad! With The Matrix and crazy futuristic theories the world was into that time, Dolly cloned etc, ideas were crazy to the max. Zaha Hadid won the project in the end. The fly-through video was, well, rad, as expected.

We went down to 3 areas within that 2 days- Bugis+thieves market, Little India, and Chinatown. It was pretty fun, going there being a tourist. Snapping pictures of our observation of activities and people and what makes them use a space was quite a joy! We stopped for egg tarts and nanyang coffee on the way.

Friday evening I left for JB. Had to make this sacrifice for friday night worship practice- Saturday morning had to be back in Singapore for TA. Yeap. Can't be lagging behind with these guys. But sometimes I need a breather. So friday evening I made that trip back. That Friday night had to drop by funeral before Tim picked me up to church. Was a cell member's brother who had passed on. I thought funerals could be beautiful. For us, as christians. The only reason I'll cry will be because the person will be missed. Until I reach the other side, I'll be carrying on without this freed soul. I was looking into the chinese song lyrics. They were beautiful. I thought if I could copy down these chinese poems I'll get back into the chinese writing mode. I've lost memory of many chinese characters. The coffin was perpendicular to the opening. The end of it was facing us. It was the conventional. I thought of designing funeral sets. Why can't it be parellel to the opening? I would also like pastel colours.

Anyway Tim's blue car picked me up not long after. We went to church. I was glad to input some advice on how the band should play the songs. I love em jams.

So it was, the morning trip into singapore. Alarm screwed up my morning. I woke up late. Nothing could ever get right if your alarm screwed up. Every schedule is pushed back a little. Mum was really nice to offer me a drive into my Singapore room. But she kept making wrong turns. Little more absent minded these days. I hope she stays well. It was raining when I reached school. The weather was decent. Mich and I planned the 'central park'. We had late but such a good lunch. Half a spring chicken. Was so good.
So I decided to spend the evening with my family, to travel back in the evening even though Jon dropped a call to tell me how bad the immigration was.

But I got home in an hour and a half! Was glad. Had early dinner with family. Got home and watched Kung Fu Panda with dad! :)

Next morning we played for the worship service, Tim leading. Was great. Second service was always done better for some reason. Perhaps it was easy to reason, we were sure of things after running through the first service.
So 3 people told me 'Nice playing'. I feel appreciated for the travel backs ! But most importantly, I enjoy playing music in this setting.

That evening, mum sympathized with how I needed to make trips for all these activities. Wonder where I got the courage to say, "You think my life's hard? No my life isn't hard. There are kids out there in worse conditions."

Today was a good day.

We finished DT workshop. Gareth ended with "You are now qualified design thinkers!" I just love how people can form teams that can work together well. The two days was pretty fun!

Wanted to get a bag from Bugis junction, so in the evening I went around town. Saw a 40-something guy going over to the seriously disabled man selling tissue paper at the MRT, putting arms around him and talking to him. On the way back I decided to give him a dollar and shared some love. He couldn't speak. But I guessed he did hear what I told him.

Went over to Orchard road. I wonder who ever does these things? Walking orchard road alone? I went window shopping. Wanted to buy down some shops. But I don't think I'll ever do that even if I had the ability to. I want something more that the fancy clothes and lifestyle. So I went to get DQ Ice cream instead. Happy kid. Strolling in this expensive streets licking a vanilla ice cream. But I was lucky enough to have discovered 3 buskers. They did a beatles cover. They were very good! I threw them some change :)

Oh yes I was in sf tee today. feels good.

Guess that sums up two weeks of life !
Great week ahead!

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