Thursday, December 14, 2006

Trauma camp.

5 days was exceptionally fast. I didn't wait much in camp. So it was fast. Really fast. I'm at home rotting again.

was it a boot camp? maybe, maybe not. It was actually, fun. although included some boot camp stuff. Like when 3 whistles blown we wake up and assemble within half a minute. cool huh. it normally takes me 10 minutes to get out of bed. at home. but it took me only 10 secs to get up , wear specs, wear shoes, tie hair, grab a torch light, and run down the stairs. so cool. Another thing was waking up at 3.30 in the morning and march on the spot. did some push ups. and then back to sleep at 4.40. And yes, everything we do must be fast. unlike national camp I waited for my singapore friends to doll up for an hour before we get down and assemble. This was, "RUN DO NOT WALK!!!" camp. you know.

but in the mist of so much diciplinary stuff, we did stuff that got us encouraged too. Running with the whole bunch of people around the big field 6 rounds, along with singing some songs, made me felt, maybe. less tired. hahah. Good try. Then we played treasure hunt. Which requires really alot of team work, skill and to be observant. And not forgetting stamina. We sprinted around the pitch dark school looking for clues and finishing tasks for more than an hour. nice. at least I get to loose some weight after so much rice.

talking about rice, we were practically force down with white rice everyday. As if one packet full of rice wasn't enough, we had to gobble down extra packets. Don't waste food, right? I probably gained another KG I work for to loose it. dammit. I'm getting fat again.

One big challenge was to stay awake at all times except for the time they let you sleep. You can see me awake, but I think my brain was only functioning only partially. hahah.

If you ask me to decribe this camp in 3 words, I would say, dirty, sleepy, memorable. hahah.

P.S. ohya. forgot the toilets. I would rather not be reminded of it.

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