Monday, October 22, 2007

rawr. it's your birthday.

Well I actually never really realized that it's twelve when my phone suddenly vibrated. Guess what, it was not another late night sms. It was a reminder that it is already 22nd october. Jon Foreman's birthday!

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For whoever noobs who doesn't know he is, he is Switchfoot's Frontman.
And for real idiots who doesn't know who or what on earth is Swichfoot, it's a alternative rock band from san diego, california. My all time favorite band.

Last year I wanted to post an e-card on an online forum. Too bad my lousy PC knock that intention off. The card just wouldn't appear no matter how many times I tried.

So here's a simple wish on my blog:

Happy Birthday Jon Foreman! 
I really love all your songs... songs which I can sing along to!
Its your birthday, but I have a wish!
Come to Singapore for a concert!

Another Birthday to remember, Franz Liszt (1811-1886) !

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He's already Resting In Peace.
This one not many will know, he's a Romantic Era composer in classical music, and a virtuoso.

Another one:

Happy Birthday RIP Franz Liszt!
I love La campanella!

Not to forgetting my friend here, Wit Lyn.
She said it was the first day of year end exams after the holidays, that's why I could clearly remember hers too.
Same birthday as these two wonderful people.
Dangg im jealous. >.>

yet another:

Happy Birthday Wit Lyn!
Like everyone else, mug hard for year ends!
tee hee.

Well, I stopped reading karangan just for this post.
getting pretty late though.

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