Saturday, November 10, 2007


Bored at home. really really bored.
Lying on the bed at 11 in the morning, listening to a Japanese album.
Played Fantasie Impromptu and La Campanella 5 times in a row, each.
Swinging a racket, hits the furnitures around.
Hits a tennis ball against the wall in the car porch, ball flies into neighbour's yard. So I tried doing it in the room, instead.
Mac not connecting to the wireless network - means I can't watch PoT.
My home computer downstairs - is super lag. It takes more than 2 hours to load 10 minutes of a YouTube video, which really got on my nerves.
So I grabbed my wallet and phone, walked down to holiday plaza.

and bought 2 DVD's of PoT. More than half the episodes.
meaning I don't have to post anymore episodes from YouTube on my blog to watch in ease.

that was yesterday. today i'm stuck to the screen. ahah.
These are some of my random opinions:

Most suitable to be a boy/girl friend:
Fuji Syusuke

Most suitable to be a younger sibling:
Echizen Ryoma

Most suitable to be an older sibling:
Oishi Syuichiroh
Inui Sadaharu

Most suitable to teach you tennis:
Momoshiro Takeshi

Most suitable to tutor you:
Tezuka Kunimitsu

Most suitable to provide you protection:
Kawamura Takashi

Most suitable to be your playmate:
Kikumaru Eiji

Most suitable to challenge you:
Kaido Kaoru


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