Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Well it's finally end of the year holidays. Again.
Yesterday I walked up the slope of the Convent Primary tar road. They have a blue shade at the side for rainy days. Hmph. These small kids have a sheltered walk way while we older ones don't have one.

But well, it's the third time I walk up that tar road, to the primary school (which still smelled like cat poop) this time of the year.

Met yithng, sharlinn, huiyen. And we watched StarDust at the theaters. Nice fairy tale it was.
Perhaps I should start being more of a girl and love fairy tales >.>
Stars? I like stars. The last holiday trip I spent my night sleeping in the balcony by the seaside gazing at stars. Alone. Teehee.
and i was a good thing fann kept the seat beside yithng occupied - she would have imagine one of the dead brothers beside her >.<
Overall it was a good movie. Good plot, rather exiting at times, some not-so-sloppy romance, comedy, thrills, fantasy and some good cosmo effect which made it a movie worth watching. It has been long since - I deserve this.

A blink of an eye, and, I have finished studying form 4. Oh really, did I study? hahah.

holidays. I miss the real holiday when I can really think of nothing, go on family trips, write some imaginary stories, enjoy life. Like when 12 & 13 year old.

Well now is not too bad either ^.^ I watch Prince of Tennis (got all the TV episodes and OVA yesterday) and some Ouran High School Host Club, 24/7.
PoT got me really addicted. Ouran is well, a bit exaggerated, just loving the setting and background music - everything is royal. Love it.
Starting to catch simple japanese phrases and words after more than 100 episodes of PoT.

After PoT I better call a friend to coach me on add maths.

Oh, I thought of holiday plaza, they already started playing christmas carols. Favorite holiday of the year. WooHoo.

Since it's christmas, it's winter time.

Fantasie Impromptu. La Campanella. How about Winter Wind?
Ok. Give it a try. I have a month before christmas.

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