Sunday, March 16, 2008

~end of series~

Today I finish reading the last part of Prince of Tennis manga, after the last episode of the anime - all because I really can't wait to see what will happen in the next season, the last season of the series.

The National Finals.

Its Way Too Exciting for one to wait any longer.

Because its Seigaku, the main protagonist and the Rikkai Kings. Yes, Rikkai Kings.

And Yukimura Seiichi is going have his debut in this series.
The one player who no one has ever beat. None of us seen him play, anyway.

*Spoilers on the manga series 341 and onwards*

A very brief chronology after the super rookie match:

Seigaku went for Yakiniku Party. Had some "Eating battles" with a few other school they have played with: Hyotei Gakuen, Rokkaku Chu, Higa Chuu, Shitenhouji Chuu.
It's kinda funny with Inui's special recipes making the students drop out.
The battle ended with a tie with Seigaku and Hyotei because one of Inui's recipes.

Then came the finals.
Ryoma didn't turn up in the first place. He was in Karuizawa for an unknown reason.
Momo (not playing in the finals) went off the fetch Ryoma back to the match place in Atobe's plane.

In the mean time, Singles 3 - Tezuka vs Sanada.

Sanada had never beaten Tezuka before.
And after the last match he had with Ryoma (which he lost to), he did a lot to improve and punish his self to this match.
A lot of new techniques were used like Sanada's FuuRinKainZanRai and Tezuka's Phantom zone.
They played to their body's limit and in the last shot Tezuka hit, both of them couldn't move already. The ball stayed on the top of the net and at las it dropped to Tezuka's side of the court.
Sanada won singles 3.

And then Ryoma came back with Amnesia.
They day before the match Ryoma's dad brought him into the Karuizawa's cave wanting to teach him a new technique. But an accident happen and Ryoma lost his memory.
Momo tried to teach him tennis again from scratch.

Then it was Doubles 2 - Inui, Kaidoh pair vs. Renji, Kirihara pair.
Kaidoh was Kirihara was doing the attacking and Kirihara got hit by Kaidoh's ball and turned into the beast mode. He took revenge on Inui instead, leaving Inui injured badly.
Rikkaidai won Doubles 2. Inui was brought to the hospital and his head was bandaged (making him look like an idiotic mummy).

Both of them return to the match place and found momo trying to teach Ryoma tennis to bring back his memories. They too help Ryoma gain back his memories, and Ryoma did slowly gain back his memories and could play tennis again.

Singles 2 started. Fuji vs. Niou.
Niou was as good as Tezuka, in the sense that he could mimic all of Tezuka's moves.
This made Fuji assume that his opponent as Tezuka.
Both of them never really had a real match against each other, except the time when Tezuka played with his shoulder not completely healed when they were freshmens.
Fuji managed to surpass that "Tezuka" across the court.
Niou changed himself to Shitenhouji's Shiraishi who played perfect bible tennis. The opponent which Fuji lost to.
Fuji told himself that he will never lose to the same opponent twice.
Well, he won with his 6th counter.

And then it was Doubles 1 - Oishi, Kikumaru pair vs. Bunta, Jackal pair.
Oishi and Kikumaru lost the first few games, the other pair was relatively strong.
And then Ryoma came to the match court and said with thumbs up, I'm ready.
Oishi and Kikumaru got the motivation there, and thinking its their last match together in high school, they played their heart out and secured the second win of Seigaku.

Before singles 1 started, Kintarou (from the super rookie match) ask for a one point match with Yukimura because Ryoma was preparing.
Yukimura agreed to. And he beat Kintarou (who was on par with Ryoma) with his jacket still on his shoulders.

...and then the one that I've been really looking forward to.
Ryoma Echizen vs. Yukimura Seiichi.
Yukimura was nicknamed son of god, nobody has ever beaten him before, least we know.
Ryoma used his twist serve and all his drives against Yukimura, but he all was returned as if it was child's play.
Then many "Muga (doors) " were opened. ( Didn't understand what the special names are called. But it's something like pinnacle of hard work, pinnacle of perfection etc.)
Somehow Yukimura could return them all.
Until the final door was opened. Many flashbacks occured in Ryoma's mind.
Samurai Nanjiroh came to the match too.
Then Ryoma made a counter attack.
Ryoma could finally hit a serve that Yukimura couldn't return.
Even the referee didn't see a thing. He had to play back the monitor and check where did the ball landed in.
It was in Yukimura's court.
He kept on hitting it until it was 4-4.
And then Yukimura used a technique to remove his opponents sensed.
First Ryoma lose his sight, but he still could hear. He used the sound of the ball landing to hit it back.
And then he loses his hearing and sight also, causing him to collapse.
Ryuzaki sensei was crying, seeing him being pushed so hard.
But because he finally admit that tennis is fun, he uses it to push himself to continue the match.
Yukimura was shocked to see the amount of his willpower.
He won by using the samurai drive, splitting the ball into two, and landing in Yukimura's court in two halves.

Seigaku had their victory.
Fuji found Tezuka smilling, saying "only this type of thing will make you smile."
Tezuka replied, "Don't tell this to the others."

So the next term started. The seniors left. And Kaidoh was the next captain.
Ryoma left to America.

*Spoilers ends here*

Gosh. It was definitely worth following up on this series.
It was exciting.
The characters were great.
And you see how Seigaku evolve in matches. Match after match after match.
Also they fight very hard to reach the final result.
Well, they got what they wanted, in the end =P

Good Story.

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I don't actually know you, so sorry about the random comment. I just wanted to say thanks for the Prince of Tennis spoilers, and also that the name of your blog is very cool. It's from "Adding to the Noise", from the album "The Beautiful Letdown", right? Switchfoot rocks.