Sunday, May 18, 2008

Ain't Hardcore yet, eh?

I'm 55.18672% dedicated.

Are You A Hardcore Switchfoot Fan? Test

GOSH. Kononnya I'm only 55.18672% hardcore.
Just enough to qualify for the 'FAMily' group.
The quiz was uber HARD>.< Scored less than my 3 sciences in the last school test. LOL. Ain't hardcore yet. But then again, how hardcore can you be when in Malaysia? Even Oh! Gravity isn't in JB stores yet (??!!!, right?). I had to go all the way to KL to get it, what more of EP's and Singles and rare stuff, huh?

Being a fan in Malaysia, Sad.

But at least I got Timmy's picture up there <3

Happy Is A Yuppie Word. (Unreleased music video)

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