Friday, August 01, 2008

There's a piano major in my house.

This morning I woke up thanking God for all the good things that come along in my life.

Yes. It's 7.40am.

That means my mum didn't call me up for school. =D

Symphony 92.4 has been playing on my radio all night long.
Arthur Rubenstein was playing Chopin's Grande Polonaise.
It sounded good and I really liked it.
In other sense, I loved these music.
To me, it is priceless music and should be appreciated.

I realized that I was wrong when I was young and just banged the keys just to please my parents who payed for music lessons.
Nobody actually made me love it.

yes I dropped piano two years back. And then listening to cheap music with sloppy lyrics played on the radio and then purchasing an electric guitar with a little al cheapo amp from the shop nearby to vent teenage anger.

And I realized that musically talented people have been appearing in my house this year.

First it was a Filipino family. I thought the 2 boys in their twenties, were the sons. But it did not seemed so. They were from the church worship team back in the Philippines.
One played the Saxophone brilliantly.
One played the keys like nobody's business. Well, I am always impressed with these kind of people. =D

Then Auntie Nancy whom I was asked to play the keys for her.
I was impressed the way she did the very complex chords in her head and play it out straightaway.

And today, a piano major stepped into my house.
She's a Chinese from the States, and is here to do some personal business. My parent's family friend, that is.
She saw my piano from the entrance and got excited, 'you play the piano?? *big happy smiles* I majored in piano 20 years back!  What grade are you in??'

Oh okay oh kaykay :/

I gave a big grin and went upstairsXD

Eventually she found out. ah. Irony of the truth.

She played some improvisation on my piano.
I sat down beside her.
And then she told me about her days in the University. Studying the general subjects at the same time doing practices for recitals and performances.. was somewhat worse than being in a Conservatory because the people in the conservatory had the whole day to practice, and they had to mug for general papers as well as doing practices. And how strict the professor was whom expected you to be able to read the score and play in straightaway otherwise you'll be in big trouble. But she could somehow cope with it because she went through many music system and her basic was the German system which gave her a strong foundation in the basic. And the fun times with her ensemble, the cellist, flautist, and so on.


I realized that music is not going to be my major anytime soon. It requires something pretty much born with you see, otherwise it will be a big struggle of frustration.


Let's just sit back and appreciate the beautiful music they play, written by geniuses centuries back.

In this life what you want and what you get are 2 entirely different things. =)


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