Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Another year of 22nd October. I realized time has been passing by quite fast. It seemed like it was only 3 months since I type the same post for these 3 people. heh.

If you don't know who's birthday is it yet, oh wait. You may know it's Wit Lyn's birthday after some wackos got stuck in the lift in the miniature 5-star hotel. pool table and beer. Bali style furnishings. A few have nice parties like that. heh.
(and, Fann fooled me telling me she got a new car for the Birthday>.>)

Thanks for the great time last Sat, and Sweet Seventeen to Wit Lyn.

And then, there's Franz Liszt. The super Virtuoso who composed many pieces that sound fantastic. Romantic and authentic and and mysterious. I don't know I just love listening to Liebestraum, Consolation No.3, La Campanella, Rigoletto, Gnomenreigen, Walddesrauchen, Annees de Pelerinage, 12 Transcendental Etudes, 3 Concert Etudes, 3 Grande Paganini Etudes, Hungarian Dances, and the dying augmented piece Nuages Gris. Too many to name. Its been a year since I tackled La Campanella and Hungarian Dance No.5. I never got it right before. Never. I can help by listening and enjoying and be fascinated at hands which are able to play them though.


A great master R.I.P. Franz Liszt.

Jon Foreman. To me he's a modern day philosopher. Many may know him as Switchfoot's front man, but his character is way deeper to be understood fully. He's 32 this year, and having fun with his wacky band members, as well as writing honest songs with not only very catchy tunes but also slow ballets. Good songs to listen to in this era. Thank God for Jon Foreman.


Continue to inspire the world with your music! Happy Birthday, Jon Foreman.

And then there's 2 more weeks.
Push me back to the books.

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