Friday, October 31, 2008

What Dreams Are Made Of.

Somebody define 'Dream'.

Dreams that occur during a person's sleep, not those dreams that you wish for it to come true.


I dreamt of this scene before. I found this picture over the internet, but note the big round planet in the sky, that was what I saw in the dream. In that dream I was walking with some friends along a tranquil street and the sky was beautiful. Then there was a windmill and auroras and celestial happenings.

Nightmares, another genre of 'Dreams'? Mean nobody wants a bad dream to come true. hmm.

I wikied the topic on Dream, and yes many neurologists gave some explanation on it, Rapid Eye Movement (REM) and all that. And there were those like Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung, and Socrates who came up with their own theories on how Dreams are formed. But none gave a definite answer. Today formation of dreams still an unknown to mankind.

Maybe yesterday, I had a dream. Not a very pleasant one indeed.

I know Dreams carry various content. School Life, being chased around, falling from high places, arriving late, failing in examinations, not being able to moved, embarrassing moments, future events, car accidents, and etcetera.

For me, I always have dreams of being trapped in a lift that is dropping down at high velocity. And car accidents too. Actually, it was always about driving a car out on my own (usually parent's car) and then crashing into something. All because I simply have not learn driving, or have scarce knowledge and skills on how to. But recently these Car Dreams improved a lot. =D I actually dreamt that I successfully drove and parked a car and my parents sort of praise me, in the dream. heh. I wonder why. Why I keep dreaming on that theme when I am not eager to get a license just yet. Another theme I dream of are those Celestial theme. I see unknown happenings in the sky in those dreams, celestial, cosmos, happenings, Dreams are mysterious, aren't they.

Yesterday after some Bio worksheets I decided to watch Okto, a Documentary about the mysterious Bermuda Triangle. I always had some interest in it though. Although I know at the end there's always the saying when a , mystery's not solve, "You choose to decide whether it is a paranormal happening or blame it on the weather." Those people who had seemingly survived the Bermuda triangle were talking about their weird experiences and occurrence during the flight or at sea. Those flying in the airplane described the incident which usually involves a thick mist covering the plane and navigation equipments going hay-wire. Flying into silky-like clouds and experiencing abnormal electric fog and electromagnetic waves. Clouds with timelines, watch being out of sync with the norm, and disappearing planes in the radar back at the control station. Then comes along all the people who tried to explained their theories on this phenomenon. UFO's & USO's, weird electromagnet Ocean Triangles, Lost city of Altantis, and some amateur physicist even tried to mimic/create electric fog in his own home. But the skeptics, remained skeptical. Yeah. Many planes and ships disappeared in thin air. Was it the weird stuff, or just the bad weather?

And then as I dived into my bed in my fantasy playground, (oh yes, my bedroom too colourful for my own good, I realized I could not study in there very well>.>) I had a dream. Not a nice experience at all. It wasn't fantasized, but rather in a believable situation.

It happened like this:

My family and I, Dad, mom and myself, we were on our way to the newly built shopping centre to meet my aunt and cousin. It was still under construction though, almost done. It was seriously, Huge. The car parks, not surprisingly, were more than 10 storeys high, and wide. My dad parked the car at the 4th floor. 3 of us came out from the car, but I when in again to get something out. By the time I left the car my parents were gone, heading for the car park exit to the shopping auditorium. There, I went wondering in that huge car park finding for the exit, on the same level, where every car looked so similar to each other. Nobody was around, just cars. Then the security department's lady's voice was on the speakers everywhere in the car park. Announcing, "This morning there were 2 guys, probably construction workers, took the lift and exited on a particular floor, but they went missing right after they stepped out. Loud echo-ey screams were heard. The weather this morning was hazy. They may have stepped out into and open level without platforms, in the mist(haze) and felled. Bodies have not been found yet. And to those who are exiting the car parks into the shopping auditorium, please take the lift to level 9 and there will be an exit there." So I went round that level of car park I was in, until I finally found the lifts. The lifts were huge and spacious, and made of glass. The lifts door were all opened, about 10 of them all in the row, and very inviting. I had many bad trapped-in-lift experienced in many dreams, this time I was clever enough not to enter any lifts. I took the stairs. Stairs were also scary as well, dark, gloomy, new cement smell, and I was alone climbing up 5 levels, means 10 flight of stairs. Well I made it though, came out through this lift door and there were some people. Men, construction workers, working on floor tiling in one part of the car park which looked like a separate room for car washing and sorts. Creepy, I thought. I hurried away. Then 2 men came up, wanting to enter that room as well. I tried to walk faster, but something urged me to ask one of them for direction. Well, he was nice indeed. He told me, to get there I need to board the A lift into the building... and some detailed directions I should take for me to get where I need to get. I enter the lift room (not in the lift) and yes, finally I see families boarding the lifts to the shopping auditorium. I waited and wonder around a little more longer in the huge lift room and in one of the quieter rooms my mum and dad were calling for me in a moderate tone. How glad was I to find them. Apparently my parents too, had not find the way out of the car park. My aunt and cousin were already in there, they took bus into the main entrance. And this time I told my dad, I need to get back to the car to get my hand phone in case I get lost again. He agreed to follow me back but told my mum to go ahead and meet my relatives first, then we'll catch up. I said, no, better not, the lifts are freaky and you might not know where you will end up. And with that, I woke up from my dream.

Every theme in my dream were linked up with something in my real life.
Earlier on as I was watching the documentary where ships and planes disappear, in my dream 2 men disappear and have yet to be found.
The mists that surrounded planes in the Bermuda Triangle, was similar to the haze in my dream.
Getting trapped in the same level, dark car park going round and round and after sometime finally finding the lifts and stairs to another place and going around a bit, before I finally found my family, was exactly how I got lost in Bugis at midnight, alone, going in circles, until finally decided to return to the mrt station, finding my way the bus terminal (already lost my orientation in the darkness), until I finally boarded a bus. It was the exact same feeling.
Lifts, I really don't know why, but recurring dreams about lifts keep happening. I guess it was after I watch movies where the only scary part was getting stuck in a lift, to me.
Men and construction workers, well, its only my instinct to be careful every time I wonder around alone in the public. Like my mum always say, walk fast and be cautious.
The flight of stairs I climbed, was probably the time I had church in New York Hotel when the lift broke down and I was going downwards(thankfully) 24 floors in the enclosed space of flight of stairs with the strong smell of cement.
Falling off platforms, is my normal phobia.
About my relatives, they're always in shopping centres when they're visiting us in JB. And they're about to pay us a visit in a month's time.
The big new building was probably a little influence on the newly opened Danga City Mall. It used to be Best World, and I still remember going there when I was 7. My mum said the toilet was haunted, and the basement was spacious and gloomy. Or maybe it could be the time my family and I got lost in The Mines shopping mall at midnight, when we couldn't find the exit To the car park.

All the similarities, isn't it interesting how they all piece up together into another different story in my head?

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