Tuesday, November 04, 2008

An afternoon nap and my younger sister turns 17.

Afternoon naps. It is my routine these days, to sleep and slack all I want in the afternoon and staying up in the quiet night for all the various activities. Like a vampire except I don't drink blood. ahah.

2 hours is enough to bring me into my dreamland.
This afternoon I dreamt, and I remember it again.
So here I am, writing down my dreams like a journal just for the heck of it. Or it might even be useful sometime later, I'll never know.

Here it goes.
McCain was promoting some stones on the media.
3 stones in a set. It was neon green, orange, and blue, glittery.
And when you hold it, it powders up a bit, but it was in a holder for one set of it.
According to him, these stones attract UFO's. When the UFO's light/electromagnetic wave is transferred onto those stone, they 'shine' brightly (in the alien's eye) and is very attracting to them and they will fly near it. Preferably placed on the window sill.
So I bought 2 sets. I would love to see one flying pass my window.
And before I could get any UFO's flying pass my window, I watch another documentary saying these stones McCain are selling, they are ghostly stuff and it isn't scientifically proven (XD) to attract UFO's but it was known to attract ghost.
And after one day staying up at night looking out my window for UFO, I threw 2 sets of colourful stones into my waste paper basket under my study table and was cursing that guy to promote this kind of nonsense.

hahah. I can't believe that I was stupid enough to buy those kind of things.
I probably dreamt about 3 coloured stones because this morning in school I was viewing Mel's autograph work in Mercy's file. It had a cow with the caption: coloured pimples. And it was round. teehee.
McCain, elections, I don't know why. Maybe he just looks like one who would sell coloured stonesXD
UFO's.. are just interesting stuff. Probably a hangover from last week's OKTO documentary.

And Yi Th'ng laughs her head off. Fann saying she can't understand my dreams. I can't too,

I'm a lazy daydreamer. =D

And my little hardworking sister here turns 17. I don't know why she's taller than me.
And I don't know when she became my sister officially, but it seems like it. I made a few, really good sistas.

She's always asking me opinions on various stuff and she likes to watch fast-forwarded taiwanese dramas and game shows and recommend good food and has a very signature laugh and travels with her blue teddy blanky and pillow everywhere she needs to get sleep and pushing me to do stuff like St John training and how to make our seniors happy and my schoolwork and waking me up to go to the library and dislike me playing the piano and always ranting together about lipids and bio and stupid bullshit history and saying how my bones are not on the correct axis and her peristaltic movements and italian mario and her no-no food like banana and milk and my hair and earlobes are on the recessive side and how come she was born on mainland penang and I on the island and how fast time flies that we studied 5 years in the same class together and sneaking out from side and backdoor as we wished and how my room is too dimly lit for studying SPM. Well, my room is no more dim. Its too colourful and distracting, Yi Th'ng.

Happy 17.

and great future ahead.

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