Thursday, November 06, 2008

For a Change.

Tah-Daaa. You know it.

The family man.

I felt kinda good. Its really something for a change.
Nobody said we needed to stick to the status-quo.
Probably only for those who are still drowned in their ignorant ways, says change is, umm, not important for now.

I've never learned much about history and politics my entire life; that's why I know nuts about it=D

I used to think that it must be a caucasian to become the president of the USA.
My dad told me, no. Any citizen with naturalized citizenship can compete for it.
I didn't believe it until I saw a picture Obama waving hands to the crowd in the newspapers a couple of months back.
It would be another milestone in the history of the world, I thought, if he wins this time.

And he did.

Martin Luther King Jr. once gave a speech popularly known as 'I have a dream'.
This, is his dream come true.

Homer tries to vote.XD

STAR paper today reads:
Abdullah: ‘Anyone can be PM’

This world can cave in anytime, you'll never know.
But I will live to see a change for the better in my country.

If they say: Yes We Can, I say: Malaysia Boleh.

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