Monday, November 24, 2008

SPM, shame.

One day my iconoclastic friend said, I wonder why more and more people get straight A's for UPSR, when she heard that the school next door was one of the top school in Malaysia with a large percentage of students score straight A's.

So what, people are evolving into smarter creatures, or the exam standards getting lower?

As far as I am concerned, students and parents are doing things the easy way to get good grades.



As if the Akta Pencegahan Rasuah isn't enough to keep the policemen clean, and the rakyat to stop doing things the easy way out, the school kids are doing it, everywhere. 
This seriously shames the nation. Living on the 'easy way out'. Have we caught the common cold. Kais pagi makan pagi kais petang makan petang. Living from day to day. What an infamous phrase.

Like paying the indian man who came to my school the other day to give some prediction on what is coming out for biology. I thought he was gonna teach some really good stuff, but Puan Doreen said it was nothing, really. Cheap advice which I have already practiced based on my common sense.

Hitting this website yesterday really made my blood boil:
And then tipping Andrew Choo 80 bucks for a book of tips on SPM subjects so that he can beat what 2009 record of selling the most tips in Malaysia? Oh. Give me a break.
"Andrew Choo advices students to study hard. And DO NOT believe in leakage of paper. Good luck everyone!"
That guy and his money making friends are paradoxical.
"Even School Teachers' are using our tips!"
Oh wow. What's this. Lazy teachers in Malaysia only wanna teach the stuff that's coming out so that they can compete among themselves, who has the most straight A students, is that so?
These money face people try to burn holes in your pocket.
Why pay 80 bucks for his prediction? Because it is 80% tepat?
And the price is going up by 10. Because it is said to be very welcomed by students and parents and school teachers.
So next year its 90% accurate, I guess? 
Filthy rich/moderate/think they have too much money to toss=Lazy people.
Oh, so people involved in Malaysian government exams do this.
No wonder not many people have the joy of learning.
All they want is another extra A.
If she has takes 12 subs, I must take 13.
There goes the chain reaction.

Why can't these teachers be nice and just kindly tell/teach students what they predict without extra charges? $_$
Can't blame them, its purely human nature to want more, more of everything.

This system is going to bring a disaster.

I admit having circulating tips in my phone. But I never used them.
Why study for those few topics rather than the whole book? All to get that A in the stupid exam.
I don't think exams are a stupid thing, but people make them.
For me I think that exams are for assessing one's ability in understanding topics. 

I'm not jealous of people that possess tips or the money to get them.
Tired of the way people say 'Malaysia is too exam orientated' but still all these for an A.
Getting an A then would be kacang/peanuts for those who only concentrated on those few topics?
People in rural areas are stupider just because they don't have tips/handphones used to circulate them?
No, the nearer you are to the city the stupider you get.

And then Cold Sweat for those who rely on tips when something unexpected comes out.
They did not memorize it=/
And if they rely on tips 80%, I say 80% they won't survive university - I'm referring to better ones. Not the easy First Class Honours Degrees.

No problem for those who are innovative+smart+hardworking.
I can conclude that only people who are too kiasu (scared to lose out) but want do things the easy way out, do inhuman things. Boo.

This matter is seriously polluting the country's image.

Ah. I saw one Andrew Choo book in my school the other day. Left outside the toilet shelf. Hmmph. Wonder who left it there.

Finishing this thing in.. umm. 3 days.

Mind you,
I learn for the sake of lifelong learning.

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