Sunday, February 15, 2009

Pan Zero.

Sometime ago, some fella sent out a malicious email, alleging Pizza Hut to promote racism.

Then the controversy arose.

I remember having one of my birthday parties in Pizza Hut when I was younger. 10, maybe.

After nearly a decade I took my return trip back to Pizza Hut. Maybe exaggerated a little, but basically I can't remember having to dine in Pizza Hut for a very long time.

Pan Zero. What's that man.

Waiter: *Indicating to take away empty pizza pan* This... Pan Zero?
Joel and Lisa: *Adding seconds to detonation of the hydrogen bomb laughter.*
Jon and I: *Having doubts about the the new name of the pizza pan =S*

Pinggan kosong is it. aiya.

Finally when I got it clear about what he wanted to convey, everyone burst out in laughter.

I shall name my future rock band - Pan Zero. Sounds rather cool ain't it.
Uttered from the mouth of a pizza hut waiter. =/

Sighs. Giggles. What emotion shall I insert here?

Bangladeshi-Pakistani-Indianish culture really, really amazes me.
honto omoshiroi so dana!
The modern fusion is so amusing that you have to experience it once in a while.
I had just returned from a night of Punjabi-Christian--Chinese-Wedding-Dinner. (Everyone used Chopsticks Okayy.)
The whole event was just like a cocktail party! Literally speaking.
The colours. The attires. The culture. The music. The dances. The people.
Malaysia is simply the melting pot for these interesting culture fusions.
The arrival of the minority groups here goes a long way back in history. Somehow got to thank the British for this (although they meant it for their egocentric needs =/).

Those catchy music beats are still ringing in my head =D

Sometime later I should get a pretty Sari for myself =)

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